Sunday, August 7, 2011


They say a person’s actual wealth is his/her friends. I’ve always believed in that. It used to be easy for me to make friends, but some bitter experiences have left me wary and timid. In today’s age of virtual friends , I , an avid Facebook non-follower, believe in the fact that friends bring into our lives warmth and comfort that no other relationship can possibly do.

Today is the day dedicated to friends. Several people argue that they don’t believe that one single day should be dedicated to celebrate this glorious relationship. I quite agree; but I’d also like to ask these cynics how many of them actually take out time everyday for friendship from their busy schedule. Sure we go shopping sometimes or binging the others but do we really get to spend quality time everyday with our friends where we can reminisce about the good old initial days of bonding, the silly fights all of us had with each other, the tears of joy and smiles through the sorrows that we shared, the non stop talks we had about the guys/girls we had crushes on, mature talks about relationships, life, families, work and the likes? I guess not. Dedicating a day for friends’ is a grand tradition where you get an opportunity to show these angels that it was a good thing they flit around in your life…

I learnt an important lesson last year: It’s easy for friends to become acquaintances, because these specimens were never friends to begin with. I do have loads of acquaintances, some by my own volition and others by their sheer stupidity. But true friends have been rare and far for me and if you continue reading you'll notice mostly of the opposite sex!  The ever popular soap 'FRIENDS' to date is my all time favourite; I envy the fact that a group as large as 6 friends love and respect each other and stick it out through thick and thin. Today we have big groups, sure, but they all have factions, minions and bullies. Something does always remain idealistic doesn’t it?

OK, enough with the lecture! I love my friends and they love me in turn (else they wouldn’t be my friends right :-p)…Some people who’ve walked into my life and remained with me through all my ups and downs… here is presenting my motley collection of friends who comprise my inner circle :-)

Shashank: An unassuming guy whose best quality: He never judges, at least he doesn’t show it! It’s always been easy to talk to him and I’ve had looooooooong discussions  with him whenever I’m in a pickle. We did hit a rough patch few years ago, but a chance meeting seemed to refresh our memories on the fact that we are the best of buds and we need to let silly squabbles, be it. He’s miles away right now but I also know that he will always
be just a phone call away for me … Thanks Shashank for being you, I couldn’t have asked for more…thank god I decided to sit next to you on the first day at RV :-).

Sadoo: Well he is quite a sadoo. Now that he is US, going through the struggles of  earning a living there, he is hardly available. But I don’t hold it against him, he is one of the most focused and determined people I have met in my life. A big kanjoos but a softy at heart. Was quite an ‘item’ in my team and it gave me a tremendous kick that he was my friend over the other powdered bimbos of the team. We don’t talk much nowadays but I know that he will always wish the very best for me and me likewise. Thanks Sadoo for being around, you certainly did light up my days at work. To date I look up from my desk hoping to see your bobbing head with the goofy smile pasted on it ;-)….

Ananth: Guube  is what we call each other. I don’t know why it came to be so but I love the fact that it hasn’t changed in so many years…An IIM grad, he is the typical tapori
you would want to stay away from. His honesty is maybe the thing that allowed our friendship to grow and his callous attitude is what is keeping it alive. An egotist to the core, he has no qualms about the fact that he might be stepping on several toes when he blares his mouth, just like me!!! You want to beat up somebody, you want somebody to tell you are what you are and not what you put on, you want somebody to share dirty jokes with, he is the 'man', but if you want somebody to hook up your single friend with or to talk mush mush stuff or to have a sane argument-stay away…he is insanity personified ;-)…Guube lo bloody give me a call and thanks for standing up for me always.

Nikhil: Mellow boy-turned-Casanova falls in and out of love every other week. Has millions of friends but the best part somehow manages to give time to all. I call him useless and him being him, dodo, calls me the same! My oldest and best bud, has known some of my darkest secrets. He’s pampered me through breakups and teased me through relationships. Love his bachelor pad, his attitude towards life, his geniality. Thanks useless, there hasn’t been a dull moment with you, you manage to cheer me up always :-).You might argue that will make you not so useless but we both know you so let’s just stick with useless, shall we?

Harshita: She is actually hippo’s (my sis) best friend, but she has been more of a sister to me than my own. I envy my sis only for one thing:  this kaddi! I’ve never had a best friend who gave me that many gifts, knick knacks or love. Madam is currently the newest NRI we know and has settled in quite well there ;-)… shops more than she can afford and makes me jealous every other day with her new acquisitions. She was supposed to by my agent there getting me the latest trendy shoes but flicks half the stuff I tell her to look up! She and hippo bicker like 2 lesbian couples but at the end of the day somehow patch it up,  good for them. This kaddi has been so very sweet and nice to me I miss her so much now that I can’t msg her all the time :-(…You better come back after 4 years as promised OK? Thanks for checking on me in UK and don’t you ever dare change.

Paulie: I don’t how he came to be such a big part of my life, it was purely circumstantial but it’s great that it happened. One of the nicest human being I have met to date. Like any typical man has his share of ego and slights, but is just so very warm and friendly to all, even those he hates, that you can’t help but admiring him. For the past one year he has been an efficient chauffeur, a punching bag for the days that I only wish to dish out, a wonderful caretaker and listener and most of all a genuine friend. When I was almost losing hope that true friends are a fallacy, came along this man who instilled back my faith in almost everything. I couldn’t have survived through the politics and the back stabbings at work without you Paulie, for which I will remain eternally grateful. You love me for what I am but I can’t give you what you seek. May god bear justice to his loved ones and keep us friends forever. Thank you Paulie for believing in me when nobody else did.

Daalu: She was the apple of my eye and several other eyes too! Was sprightly and haughty. With an attitude that took down everybody she sashayed into our lives right after fluffy departed. We did practically everything together: ate, slept, bathed, wandered. pondered, laundered! She was an excellent listener with her only inputs being…meeeeeeeeaow. Never once criticized and always demanded attention! I love you Daalu and the only thing that was bad in 2011 is you going away. None of your feline mates can fill your gap, you were and will remain our darling. Thanks for being a part of my life, you took a part of me with you but hopefully wherever you are now, you are resting in peace.

Ashi: At the very centre of the circle, occupying the largest chunk, is my Ashi. He hit on me even before I stopped hating him, I made him wait and in turn fell head over heels in love with him. He literally picked me up from a dump that I had banished myself into and made me who I am today. A narcissist to the hilt, he sees very little beyond himself, but whatever he does see, I’m always a part of it :-D. I’m the lucky one to have taught him what love is and he is the one who showed me I am capable of great heights. We’ve pseudo broken up several times over the past 8 years, but both of us know that we mean more than just partners to each other. Not many can boast of having your best friend as your soul mate, I sure wish that I can boast of it soon. I know not what fate has in store for us Ashi, but so far whatever she has had has been wondrous for me. Thanks baby for walking into my life and tenaciously staying back. I’ve never wanted to regret anything in life and I promise I will strive to let you feel the same way for the rest of yours :-D.

Phew that’s a biiiiiig post. I actually wanted to add few others who are at the periphery of the circle and few others who chose to walk out…but why waste today on them today..later…Pics to follow after some mixing up on Picasa..

P.S. Did you know that friend translates to wine in old English :-D?


Shshank said...

Though miles may lie between us
we are never far apart,
for friendship doesnt count miles
its measured by the heart !!

Very nice blog Pinku ! n thanks for the mention.. very sweet of u .. keep rocking girl !

cheers !

Harshita said...

Damn laxmi , that was so good! Sure put a smile on my face. :) Sorry i didn't wish you on that day , i never do cos i believe its not just that one day to celebrate our friendship! You've instilled a little fashion sense in me n now i too go gaga over shoes sometimes ;) You should definitely come and visit me before i come back!! Bring the boy too!

Friends are the pieces of a puzzle called life and if you lose one it will never be complete and your one such specimen oops i meant piece i do not wanna lose. Oh yea , i can be touchy sometimes! :p


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