Friday, September 30, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow!!!

It's been a horrendous month and I'm GLAAAAAAAAD it's over....not a single day has passed when I haven't shed a tear..but somehow today I feel buoyant...not sure what I did but I found my kohl lined eyes back and the urge to smile...The willingness to deck up and the desire to live life the way it's supposed to be lived :D...I let go of something and it made me feel so light that I almost feel I can fly!!! 

I've loved this song from the time I was a little girl...easy simple lyrics with profound meaning, I enjoyed singing it in the choir at school and love it just as much today....I still nurse an ambition to get behind a cockpit one day and soar above where the world below me looks like a maze and the world above me a haze.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

Beautiful isn't it? I've learnt something over the past few days...everybody has troubles...everybody deals with it differently...but if you carry your problems on your shoulders, with you everywhere you go, they will only slow you down...Life isn't a sprint race to buzz past it in a jiffy...It's to be enjoyed and savored and every living moment is precious..Why share it with troubles when you can share it with friends over a bottle of red wine ;-)

2 videos of the song I found. One is handled beautifully...something about the sepia tone just haunts me...but the pace can really put me to sleep...the other has these beautiful locales(I think it's Maldives) and has a more bouncy feel :D


For some odd reason I couldn't put up the other video so just leaving the link here Over the Rainbow

 So how are you today?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The week that was....

It's been a starange starange week!!! Ran by in a jiffy yet I felt every minute of this week weigh down on my tiny slender shoulders. Majority of my life is spent in office and it doesn’t help my case that I'm the shepherd for a bunch of absolutely spineless deluded sheep.  More often than not I'm not I'm doing my tasks along with the tasks of 6 others' had always been interesting but now with my bud being all conscious that he shant be purportedly biased towards me now that he is a manager I've lost the one confidant that I had at work. I've always been a task master and I truly believe that any company however crappy it is, doesn’t pay you to warm the seats or to play Farmville on the intranet!!! I've got the epithet of being the office-bitch for this on the ever popular FB as well but such things never bothered me the least bit. The year started of great, with some great trips and attending some lovely weddings. But the UK trip was both a bonanza and a curse. I haven't been able to adjust back to life ever since I got back or people aren't letting me adjust back to it. I'm now an alien in the very same team that I have nurtured over the past 3 years. Life just hasn't been the same since June and I can't help but hope it would stop being so freaking murky.  

I've always been a person who has spoken her mind so it peeves me big time when people twist around my words even when I have been harry-winston-crystal-clear! Working with assholes, chauvinists, dimwits and unprofessionals, has always been there but now I'm having to deal with another class of people : 'The Touch me nots!! More on these not so sublime species in the next post but surging forward... as it's been off late I'm having way too many arguments with the one guy I respect a lot at work and it was bothering to no end. Late night work and crazy deadlines weren't helping the cause either so I decided to take a break mid week, went for a movie, did some candle shopping and bought me self a yummy choc soap (which is so making my morning baths wonderful) and off course some stationery….:D...the retail therapy sure did help but I did the cardinal sin of checking my official mails after I got back...all the therapy went down the drain...just like phusssssssssssh....!!! 

I don't know what is it with people and them having issues with me? In this case I wasn't even around to associate with them for them to be this way towards me. I was across seven seas with barely any interaction with these people yet they chose to ignore the fact that I am a lead and have the authority to voice my opinion. I'm younger than most people around me in the team and being a lead to people whose collective  work experience is double that of mine doesn't help... it's natural for people to be this way with me, I'm kinda used to it now, but what I don't get is what about the life experience of these people? Why won't they get past their stain-grained mirrors and shed their biased opinions...I've always used introspection to help me out at difficult times but in this case I draw a called senior people acting like inane monkeys jumping around at the silliest of things and making a mountain out of a mole hill is just beyond my humble understandings!!!

Anyhoo Friday was a overall good: I got the much awaited band promotion (in layman terms I'm promoted) which makes my salary exactly the double of what it was when I first started work :D :D :D YAY me...I also hear from my manager that I will henceforth do a different role from what I have been doing for THREE long years now. It's what people call moving up a rung in the corporate ladder but I'm having to leave behind my baby...the one I toiled and toiled for...It's going to be so so difficult; you have no idea...but I agree it's time to move's time for the fledglings to sprout wings and soar and I'm sure they will...they've after all been guided by me ;-)...This new move would mean lesser rendezvous with the 'devil' which would mean automatically my stress levels should come down but I'm going to have to turn around a team whose reputation and morale has been flushed with the sewage. Challenge it will be and the task master shall get to work starting tomorrow!!! Wish me luck people...I'm gonna need it...
The weekend was decent. I managed to clean my room a teensy bit; result all my books/novels are now neatly lined up in the shelves and are well protected (a whole shelf is currently taken up by the books on food :D)...
Before I sign off I HAVE to mention this. 
>>>>Have you ever seen 2000 odd comments for a single post in a span of 2 days?
>>>>Have you ever seen anybody get media coverage including newspaper articles for a post they wrote in 15 mins?
>>>>Have you ever seen/heard shrinks psycho-analyse posts put up on the blogs which is also closely followed on FB and Twitter?

Well I have a new found respect for a blogger: Sahana. She has this amazing satire, with excellent usage of words interspruced with brutal facts which are laid down in a no nonsense manner. I'm totally hooked on to her blog (The Madarasan's saga)!!!  Don't miss the recent posts, comments, responses to the comments and her awesome take on the multitudes of MCPs' our country abounds in!!!

P.S:  The twitterrati and the FB mongers are a species of creatures I will never understand!!! I can't fathom what pleasure do these people get by following somebody's life so much so that they literally hound a girl and issue death threats. If these specimens have the freedom of expression and can call others, the colourful names that they have so very efficiently come up with from their oh-so-limited vocab, doesn’t Sahana also have a right to voice her opinion?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Post Scripts

P.S:  I've always been a little weird, right from the Inception :-p...blame it on the booze at Thesario... haven't heard of it? GK very bad I see (cluck cluck)... it's  a planet in the galaxy next to the milky way about 2679 light years away ...that's all...Come visit me sometimes, I go there when need to control the sun god and his temperament :-p

P.P.S : It's difficult being my freind but it's much worse being my enemy. Trust me I have extensive proofs for this!!!

P.P.P.S : Do you know how much I hate Shetty boys? DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES much. They are the biggest mummy-ke-pallu-mein-ghusse-rehne walle nincompoops. And don't even get me started on their attitude!!!

P.P.P.P.S : You know how frisky little kittens play hide and seek? I absolutely enjoy that. 2 (actually one is a grown cat, but he is still a kid inside) are at it now...totally made my day.

P.P.P.P.P.S: Men are attracted to me because of my confidence, but when it in any way  makes them feel like imbeciles, then I have 'ISSUES'!!!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S: Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.(I don't why I thought of this now...complete rambling only today...mummy morning tea kodi please)

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: This is all too common in Bendakalooru, (don't wanna generlize cause I hate that as well) - Pandals right in the middle of the road, (porki boys of the colony suddenly are all decent), beautiful idol swith lovely decorations and blaring, I mean BLARING in the back ground is 'O poodu', 'Munaguru Malaye', 'Tum tho Tehere Pardesi', 'Boom Boom'(yes yes the Vengaboys one!!!)...I'll let you in on a secert...the thought process here is: "If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining." 

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I am a total colour fanatic which a 180-180 plot for purple in my heart. Black and White are for boring silent movies, boring exam papers and booooooooooring people.. It gives me a headache and reminds of the zebra which bite me at Bannergatta (I swear I didn't provoke him!!)

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I've lost track of the post scripts and I'm so have's fun know :D :D :D...why follow rules always?

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: Not one person to date has asked me what happened to Saturday in my very first post on this blog...hmm was the rambling that winding or are the people just generally so used to blurring out things?
P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I'm never ever going to have to be jealous of people who even after Ramayan- length posts manage to have vocab left to put post scripts...tada see I have a solution for everything ;-) ;-) ..I made a bulleted post into one filled with PSs...:-p..

Now to the actual post...was up all night helping a project to go live on the VF telecom waves somewhere far away in the colonial world...even after this you want to me write an actual post!!! Take a hike, will you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Laugh out loud!!!

I've been kinda low for the past few know the whole cycle of randon stalking online, vacant expressions, not interested in anything in particular, insomnia and worst of all: LOSS OF APPETITE :'( ... I'm not sure what it is but it probably started from 6 p.m. last Sunday and refuses to go away...

I've always been a person who speaks her mind, been binary in many ways, I either like something or I don't and that might be to varying degrees yes, but I don't take the middle ground...I've had many people tell me only the careful and diplomatic surge further, but I've always maintained that if I change so much for every Tom, Dick and Harry I won't remember myself  tomorrow and I'm my most favourite can I forget me ;-)...                                                                                                                                       

I've always done only those things that I enjoy..I've enjoyed my job as well till June...Work-life lately has been way too much work with hardly any scope for life...yesterday when I stumbled back home at 9 :30 I had no energy to even change...Social life is zilch for a few weeks now...In the mornings I've lost the urge to even deck up (more sobs)...the rationale being, if I anyways need to sit behind the lappy for 12 hours he who-hath no eyes won't mind right? I miss a lot of things: warm hugs, friends bunched over the single samosa, light banter and gossip in the coffee room,  my kohl lined eyes, love and care from the loved ones, an attentive ear from the erstwhile confidant...but the thing I miss the most is the sound of my own laughter...I haven't guffawed in ages and don't remember the last time I laughed till I chocked...I still smile, yes the show man can't let down her guard can she, but haven't laughed till I snorted in ages...

Every time I've been low I watch this kid, he has always managed to cheer me he made the lips curl upwards yes, but that was about it! The video only reminded me that I've grown up... I can no longer expect to be picked up and thrown up towards the sky by uncle, I can no longer expect to get a diary milk from auntie for getting a scratch on my knees after the fight with the bully next door, I can no longer expect mother to fuss over me when I have gud-gud in my stomach and father to come rescue me after I complain to him about the perv next door....

I grew up waaaay too early for my age and I miss having a normal childhood in so many ways that I can't even describe them...Everybody around me has these perennially long faces nowadays they are pulling me down with them but I can't be an island either... and I miss the fact that I can no longer make people laugh with me anymore...


P.S (Empathize if you must but don't sympathize, people. I hate it when anybody does that!!!) 
P.P.S (I heard a line yesterday which made me put this up: "If you drink your tears so much they will turn into poison, if you swallow your pain so much you will turn into venom")

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here a jam, there a jam, everywhere a jam jam!!!

Stuck in a massive traffic jam today; several arbid thoughts crossed my mind…

  • People in Bangalore have no road sense but have a LOT of road rage
  • The traffic cops here are idiots. They try their best but still some habits die hard
  • Everybody is always in a hurry out here
  • There are no roads left in Bangalore, heaps of semi-organized sludge is only make do…I think we are going back to our roots where once there were only villages and cities were yet to come to be…I wouldn’t mind that if the trees were still around, but only high rise buildings in a village isn't really the idyllic picture I'm looking for
  • If there is a girl behind the wheel and she is anywhere close to a jam, then she and only she is solely responsible for this public nuisance…never mind that we are an educated society into the 64th year of our independence!!!
  • It’s a sin for a girl to drive a vehicle. I wasn’t driving today but I saw a girl trying to manipulate a sharp turn and she did take sometime, but she wasn’t the reason for the traffic pile up ahead of her; she was only being cautious. But no the whole world: read MEN, got behind her with classy slangs and denigrating remarks…I almost punched an auto-driver for the this: “hudugi kayealli gaadi kotare ide gati” (translates to ‘it’s expected if you let a girl drive a vehicle’)…I hate-detest-abhor-loathe it when people do that…Classic MCPs
  • Patience is a virtue lost on the city dwellers…every second is accounted for and people rush through life as though they have only millis of them left. I wonder what such people do with all these saved seconds? Hatch them into dodos?
  • People can’t enjoy the music or the good company with them. They have to break their already rotten head over missed meetings and good for nothing tasks. What is the point of living a life like this, may I ask?
  • Street urchins love jams…they run around in glee amongst stalled cars and make faces at bikers, literally mocking the deluded-self-professed-successful people at the their lack of mobility
  • You might own a Merc E class or you might own a Tata Nano, a traffic jam shows you who exactly you are: A raving maniac bellowing your lungs out at even the fly in front of you
  • Have you noticed apart from the street hawkers the numbers of which other class have increased? Yep the chucks (forgive the language, couldn't be subtle today)!!! I'm bound to believe that their prayers actually work; every time there is jam that many more people can be harassed!!! 
  • We can learn so many things from buffaloes. They don't give a dam. They will walk across the signal right in the middle of a jam as though it's a meadow filled with tulips. They will crap, eat, pee, socialize their own pace...not a care in the world...Imagine if the homo-sapein jaati learnt to imbibe this attitude!
  • The omnipresent thing in any jam, actually this is nothing to do with jams…the educated society makes a mockery of itself when it does this: HONK HONK HONK…If you listen carefully (that’s if your ear drums have not been torn apart yet) you can hear that these morons are actually trying to hum the song ‘I’m an A-grade asshole’!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dream Hunks or Chocolate boys or Lesser mortals: DROOL MACHINES indeed

          I didn't want to put up a complete picture blog for sometime now but I couldn't help it this time..I was meant to write about 'Maturing Relationships' but PV beat me to it again (When the dust settles)...I'm going to have to do something to keep this girl from getting into my brain...any ideas peopols? So far I've come up with writing a better encryption program for the grey cells (nerdism owed to the current novel being read: Girl with dragon tattoo; more on this in the next post) or join the truce and set up a common forum; call it "Priyankas' Untited"  or something not so lame where all the Priyankas' of the world can come put up posts and the rest of the world put up guest posts (this is also not original, inspired by DOV :-p )    

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are we the same?

I have my very first follower and it's none other than PV. I am absolutely addicted to her blog!!!She writes about almost everything and has such an easy wonderful style that I couldn't but stop getting hooked on to. Whilst I was at her blog a thought hit me like a thunder bolt!!! We were similar in so many ways it was like I found my kumbh-mela-mein-bichidi twin online!!! Well here is listing few of my observations..PV feel free to add more along the way :0  

>>>>Have to start with the fact that we share the same first name.
>>>>The name of my first post is freakishly similar to her blog's name and I wrote my post when I didn't even know she existed.
>>>>I hate being genarlised or stereotyped into a category and I can't stand those who judge me. PV I'm sure your the same.
>>>>I have-to have-to take the difficult path, the one which others forbid or deter from taking. I see her mention that she is that way too.
>>>>I love my pets, there are more cats today but I would so easily switch places with her to be in her extended family with the canines.
>>>>I can see that we have the same common widget of the label displayer which though highly geeky a point I found it facinating that we would pick the same.
>>>>There are many out there who love Hogwarts and the things taught in it but I see that we used the sorting hat to decide where we belong in the magical world.
>>>>The day PV wrote this Growing Up I had composed my draft blog on the exact same thing and I couldn't get rid of the goose bumps I had as I read the post. Some of the lines were exactly how I would I have put them...freaked me out!!!
>>>>Who doens't love reading nowadays but I see that we seem to appreciate the same authors
>>>>Our signatures kinda lookes the same.. Pure coincidinki OK...
    I've got to admit it feels nice to see similarities in others but in this particular case I'm elated. She is a great writer and has been doing this for quite sometime at PV's confessions... She churns out posts like everyday and has been going strong from 2008...I fell in love with particualr one: Real Beauty.A great follower to have indeed :D :D :D...hope your disclaimer clauses are met PV and I hope you win many more deserved accolades!!!

    Oh and before I forget I'm now a darling at DOV....Check out the posts there as well...I wanna say I'm finally unleashed like I pormised but let's not get ahead of ourselves!!!

    P.S. (Viya thanks for putting me up on your blog girl... love the pics on this post Love is in the air)

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Following the trail of Imelda Marcos.......

    A long over due post, this was meant to be written out when my shoe collection touched a solid ton. The sloth that I am, I put off writing this till now even though the century came up sometime during March this year. Why write it now then, you might ask. On Monday I get 2 more from US which takes the total up to a 150. A feat worth mentioning don’t you think ;-)…buckle up for the story that reveals how a simple city girl started of small, then lost her marbles in between and is now a complete shoe-junkie!

    I still remember my humble beginnings. As a kid pumps were a luxury that mother rarely allowed to indulge on the behest of her daughter so every year I would get one, plus another strappy sandal which I would use all year log and team with anything and everything, not caring 2 hoots whether they matched with the outfit or not. I still have the tiny yellow pumps that I wore as a 5 year-old kid safely tucked away. (BTW I still have the shoes my barbie dressed up in and she was way too posh for her time; her boots were  from Dubai and so was she :D...But the 150 here are only the currently wearable ones and definitely mine)
    Then I reached high school and my needs grew and I started looking out for more options, black was good, but black and white would be better. Red is bright but yellow is brighter. But I was still a firm believer in wearing out my single pair of sneakers first, patch them if needed and only then ask for a replacement. Remnants of this era also find place in the smorgasbord that is my room currently. Soon time caught up and a sort of frenzy began. Rocksters helped me in my rainbow collection many times over and even added some colours and patterns that are hard to come by in the natural rainbow. These have stood the test of time and still remain rock hard, right where they started of from, under my feet (pun super-intended ;-)). What started as a mild fetish has today transformed itself into a full blown and complete addiction. The whole gamut of colours anyways find an esteemed position in my shoe-rack but giving them company are the textures (glossy/matte), the occasions (formal/semi-formal/casual/bling bling),  the revelations (clogs/peep toes/strappy)  and the elevations (flats/graceful-high/stand-up-and-take-notice-of-me- high/11th-Heaven-high), and in various permutations and combinations mind you !!!  They are all one happy family at the moment but they fear the wrath of Mother India, who has warned the deluded daughter that any further additions to this not-so-small-anymore family, might mean definite eviction of the prodigal daughter and her beloved shoes. So the 2 new ones  from US might not receive the warm welcome the family normally is entitled to, but dire measures will have to be employed to keep our firangi friends happy!!!

    Everybody who knows me, knows Priyanka loves her shoes. She has a spare at all times so that the rain/slush doesn’t ruin the snazzy ones; she has backups of the timeless beauties stashed away to be brought out only when the going gets tough; she cares for them more than her BF (can be verified with the poor boy himself who didn’t know that he was funding his nemesis when he funded for the first  big shoe splurge way back in 2006!!!). I carried back 26 pairs from my recent visit to UK (I had to throw out the clothes, cosmetics etc.. which I had taken from here, to make space for them in my check-in bag) and guarded them viciously during the journey so much so that  if I hadn’t boarded the flight in 15 minutes, the authorities at the Heathrow Airport would have definitely retained me to search my belongings!  Yeah I’m just that mad, but I don’t suffer from this insanity, I completly enjoy it :D. As soon I reach home after being away for 2 months, my sister asks me to quickly line up my newest acquisitions,;photos are taken and uploaded on her FB account pronto!! FB being FB, comments also come back pronto!! I am told that when one of the comments read this “ WOW…are these all really yours” the reply to this read “ Sure…They can all be found in my house”. Willy huh??? Not that I’ll ever let that hippo get into any of my beloved shoes, but I see the first signs of shoe-mania spreading to the younger one…

    Well good luck with that to her and to all the shoe fanatics out there…Let’s see who reaches the Imelda Marcos’s trail first :-p :-p :-p

    P.S.: Above are some of the members of the family, not all of them are here yet, but will soon be. Now now don’t ask me to pick favourites in my family, if red miss muffet with the black piping were to get to know this secret she would go sit right at the centre of the picture hogging all the attention, then the rest would arrange a mutiny and leave me with nothing but bites…..Shoe-away before the insanity latches one ;-))