Sunday, September 25, 2011

The week that was....

It's been a starange starange week!!! Ran by in a jiffy yet I felt every minute of this week weigh down on my tiny slender shoulders. Majority of my life is spent in office and it doesn’t help my case that I'm the shepherd for a bunch of absolutely spineless deluded sheep.  More often than not I'm not I'm doing my tasks along with the tasks of 6 others' had always been interesting but now with my bud being all conscious that he shant be purportedly biased towards me now that he is a manager I've lost the one confidant that I had at work. I've always been a task master and I truly believe that any company however crappy it is, doesn’t pay you to warm the seats or to play Farmville on the intranet!!! I've got the epithet of being the office-bitch for this on the ever popular FB as well but such things never bothered me the least bit. The year started of great, with some great trips and attending some lovely weddings. But the UK trip was both a bonanza and a curse. I haven't been able to adjust back to life ever since I got back or people aren't letting me adjust back to it. I'm now an alien in the very same team that I have nurtured over the past 3 years. Life just hasn't been the same since June and I can't help but hope it would stop being so freaking murky.  

I've always been a person who has spoken her mind so it peeves me big time when people twist around my words even when I have been harry-winston-crystal-clear! Working with assholes, chauvinists, dimwits and unprofessionals, has always been there but now I'm having to deal with another class of people : 'The Touch me nots!! More on these not so sublime species in the next post but surging forward... as it's been off late I'm having way too many arguments with the one guy I respect a lot at work and it was bothering to no end. Late night work and crazy deadlines weren't helping the cause either so I decided to take a break mid week, went for a movie, did some candle shopping and bought me self a yummy choc soap (which is so making my morning baths wonderful) and off course some stationery….:D...the retail therapy sure did help but I did the cardinal sin of checking my official mails after I got back...all the therapy went down the drain...just like phusssssssssssh....!!! 

I don't know what is it with people and them having issues with me? In this case I wasn't even around to associate with them for them to be this way towards me. I was across seven seas with barely any interaction with these people yet they chose to ignore the fact that I am a lead and have the authority to voice my opinion. I'm younger than most people around me in the team and being a lead to people whose collective  work experience is double that of mine doesn't help... it's natural for people to be this way with me, I'm kinda used to it now, but what I don't get is what about the life experience of these people? Why won't they get past their stain-grained mirrors and shed their biased opinions...I've always used introspection to help me out at difficult times but in this case I draw a called senior people acting like inane monkeys jumping around at the silliest of things and making a mountain out of a mole hill is just beyond my humble understandings!!!

Anyhoo Friday was a overall good: I got the much awaited band promotion (in layman terms I'm promoted) which makes my salary exactly the double of what it was when I first started work :D :D :D YAY me...I also hear from my manager that I will henceforth do a different role from what I have been doing for THREE long years now. It's what people call moving up a rung in the corporate ladder but I'm having to leave behind my baby...the one I toiled and toiled for...It's going to be so so difficult; you have no idea...but I agree it's time to move's time for the fledglings to sprout wings and soar and I'm sure they will...they've after all been guided by me ;-)...This new move would mean lesser rendezvous with the 'devil' which would mean automatically my stress levels should come down but I'm going to have to turn around a team whose reputation and morale has been flushed with the sewage. Challenge it will be and the task master shall get to work starting tomorrow!!! Wish me luck people...I'm gonna need it...
The weekend was decent. I managed to clean my room a teensy bit; result all my books/novels are now neatly lined up in the shelves and are well protected (a whole shelf is currently taken up by the books on food :D)...
Before I sign off I HAVE to mention this. 
>>>>Have you ever seen 2000 odd comments for a single post in a span of 2 days?
>>>>Have you ever seen anybody get media coverage including newspaper articles for a post they wrote in 15 mins?
>>>>Have you ever seen/heard shrinks psycho-analyse posts put up on the blogs which is also closely followed on FB and Twitter?

Well I have a new found respect for a blogger: Sahana. She has this amazing satire, with excellent usage of words interspruced with brutal facts which are laid down in a no nonsense manner. I'm totally hooked on to her blog (The Madarasan's saga)!!!  Don't miss the recent posts, comments, responses to the comments and her awesome take on the multitudes of MCPs' our country abounds in!!!

P.S:  The twitterrati and the FB mongers are a species of creatures I will never understand!!! I can't fathom what pleasure do these people get by following somebody's life so much so that they literally hound a girl and issue death threats. If these specimens have the freedom of expression and can call others, the colourful names that they have so very efficiently come up with from their oh-so-limited vocab, doesn’t Sahana also have a right to voice her opinion?


Wings of Harmony said...

First of all, a BIG BIG Congratulations for the hike! :D Feels cool na! And may you keep climbing up the ladder! :D :D

I may not do justice if I say I can relate to the anger you have felt over certain colleagues, through my internship experiences in corporate/law firms...having said that, I totally understand your frustration and annoyance at workplace. But, since your Friday has been good and that choc soap adds to the niceties, I hope you get out of the rut to find some peace again. :D :D Good one!

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Many Congrats on the Raise and for the new role, I'm certain that you will rock it.

Let people say 101 different things, just continue doing what you're doing if you are convinced its the right thing that you're doing.

Cheers :)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

And I thought my week was messy:)
Congrats on the promo.. even though separation is difficult.

And I love Shahana too. Love her for her vocab. Love her for who she is.

Viya ;) said...

Omg! Congradulationnsss!!!!! :D :D
Even though letting go is difficult, life has to move on!! :D :D
And the chocolate bath every morning sounds auhmazing!! wher didcha get it frommm?? :)
I love that blog tooo!!! got hooked to it through FB.. :P :P

Pinx said...

@MSM: Thanks the raise is actually a pittance...but it all adds up :D...The choc soap is gonna last atleast for 2 months so I'm atleast gonna have sexy choco skin till thing out of the worry basket ;-)

@Scribbler: hey welcome to my blog machhi ;-)...I think I'm pretty convinced that I'm insane so it doesn't really matter what others think does it :D

@PV: My brunette twin what happened? I thought the weekend get away with the bwoy was going to be fun..and yeah the madrasan's got style

@Viya: The choc bath is more than auhmazing...I not just smell good, I feel good...won't comment on the taste yet ;-)...I got it from home stop, opp Garuda but you get it at body shop in Garuda also...I'd suggest the former.

All you guys...thanks for stopping have no idea how much these comments cheered me up today...

Anonymous said...

I was sailing through the post till you mentioned Madrasan, sigh!

Never mind, we can live with your love for her and my, well, who cares :)


The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Chintan: I sense a difference of opinion...I wouldn't mind hearing it though I don't promis know how I might react to it ;)...I abs love you pics btw the 'sky was angry one'!!!

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