Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are we the same?

I have my very first follower and it's none other than PV. I am absolutely addicted to her blog!!!She writes about almost everything and has such an easy wonderful style that I couldn't but stop getting hooked on to. Whilst I was at her blog a thought hit me like a thunder bolt!!! We were similar in so many ways it was like I found my kumbh-mela-mein-bichidi twin online!!! Well here is listing few of my observations..PV feel free to add more along the way :0  

>>>>Have to start with the fact that we share the same first name.
>>>>The name of my first post is freakishly similar to her blog's name and I wrote my post when I didn't even know she existed.
>>>>I hate being genarlised or stereotyped into a category and I can't stand those who judge me. PV I'm sure your the same.
>>>>I have-to have-to take the difficult path, the one which others forbid or deter from taking. I see her mention that she is that way too.
>>>>I love my pets, there are more cats today but I would so easily switch places with her to be in her extended family with the canines.
>>>>I can see that we have the same common widget of the label displayer which though highly geeky a point I found it facinating that we would pick the same.
>>>>There are many out there who love Hogwarts and the things taught in it but I see that we used the sorting hat to decide where we belong in the magical world.
>>>>The day PV wrote this Growing Up I had composed my draft blog on the exact same thing and I couldn't get rid of the goose bumps I had as I read the post. Some of the lines were exactly how I would I have put them...freaked me out!!!
>>>>Who doens't love reading nowadays but I see that we seem to appreciate the same authors
>>>>Our signatures kinda lookes the same.. Pure coincidinki OK...
    I've got to admit it feels nice to see similarities in others but in this particular case I'm elated. She is a great writer and has been doing this for quite sometime at PV's confessions... She churns out posts like everyday and has been going strong from 2008...I fell in love with particualr one: Real Beauty.A great follower to have indeed :D :D :D...hope your disclaimer clauses are met PV and I hope you win many more deserved accolades!!!

    Oh and before I forget I'm now a darling at DOV....Check out the posts there as well...I wanna say I'm finally unleashed like I pormised but let's not get ahead of ourselves!!!

    P.S. (Viya thanks for putting me up on your blog girl... love the pics on this post Love is in the air)


    CookieCrumbsInc. said...

    You are SUCH a darling <3
    It is very nice to find similarities, it was almost freaky when I read your comment and dropped by over here, we ARE like the bichdi-twins:D You forgot the similarity about how shoes gives both of us a high:D

    And I have a strong policy about following: I follow only if there's something, anything (mostly the writing) about the blog that stands out and I liked the shoe obsession post so much I had to follow:) So it was more a great favor to myself, lady.

    Thank you so very much for saying such nice things, though I wonder if I deserve it:) Much, much honored all the same..

    P.S: Welgum to D.O.V <3 Lets be girls together\m/

    CookieCrumbsInc. said...

    P.S: I love the picture:P Can I be the brunette? Pwetty plees:)

    Viya ;) said...

    AWw!! you guys! :D yes yes.. I do find sooo many similarities between both you blogs! :P :P

    hehe PV - Welgum it seems! :P :P sooo much mallu-ness around! :P

    HijiBijBij said...! aint that sweeet dhinkachika? bles you both!! nice blog though....following you

    ♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

    That is so sweet .

    Follow each other .

    ♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

    I am new t your blog .Follow each other .

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