Monday, September 19, 2011

Dream Hunks or Chocolate boys or Lesser mortals: DROOL MACHINES indeed

          I didn't want to put up a complete picture blog for sometime now but I couldn't help it this time..I was meant to write about 'Maturing Relationships' but PV beat me to it again (When the dust settles)...I'm going to have to do something to keep this girl from getting into my brain...any ideas peopols? So far I've come up with writing a better encryption program for the grey cells (nerdism owed to the current novel being read: Girl with dragon tattoo; more on this in the next post) or join the truce and set up a common forum; call it "Priyankas' Untited"  or something not so lame where all the Priyankas' of the world can come put up posts and the rest of the world put up guest posts (this is also not original, inspired by DOV :-p )    
Ok now getting to the post at hand....I've been drooling over Sonu Sood for sometime now...I've always had a thing for bulging biceps and rippling muskals and detested the clean shaven-chapku hairstyle-maaama's betas'...the boy once possessed them(the biceps were the only reason I said yes back then ;-)) which made me go week in the the family pack keeps me warm (much to my dismay) but if IT industry could take away my words, it can also take away the willingness to look fit and hot, doesn't it? Anyhooo I don't fantasize about these men, but I wouldn't mind being their arm candy sometimes (sly smile)...each one has mesmerized me at different phases of my life and some continue to do so...for the Y chromosome bearers out there, please note I do have the blessing of the boy to drool over them, just like he has mine to fantasize over Sush, Angie, Jessica, Kim, Penelope et al.. (that's right; men don't just drool, it's apparently in their genes not to stop at that; will have to put that theory to test sometime later!!!). Here's my list..I had to get some more people on to this but 'Google' my friend gave me 'download a picture get a virus free' offer  yesterday so had to respect that offer and retreat!!!                      

I can't remember which movie put this dude on the drool radar but something about that body makes me wanna keep watching Dabang...(Munni don't cry I still love you)

When 'Kaho na pyaar hai' came out I was one of those deranged girls who followed his every move...There is nobody who looks hotter than him in blue sunglasses!!! 

I've loved him in every movie that I've watched..he started off with this munch-me anytime look but that gravely voice of his has kept me captivated to him for a looooooooooooooooong time...the latest form of him that I watched...Achilles (with that liberal rear-end display) floored me... He and Angie might be an item but like countless others I have been planning to have a swap program soon..(I can hear the pulse rate of the boy go your dreams boy go back to sleep now!!!)

This guy gets 2 pictures just to illustrate how much I have lusted after him...My Johnny boy has been pushed down in the poll chart off-late after that ridiculous role he played in 'Saath Khoon Maaf'...John you please continue wearing your itsy-bitsy, we love watching the curves in that...please never go near the kilt again!!!

This dude rules the roost any day...If I will walk out on a date it will be only for him..I still have his poster from college days on the wall ...That prefect jaw has made me buckle many-a-times and continues to do so every single day...Who cares if you can't act...we come to see you demi-god and that's all it on the screen...please don't grow older..please please...

'P.S. I love you' put him on the list and he has been there ever since...never mind the lisp it's the heart that matters ;-)...and Gerald before I move on P.S. I love you too ;) 

Mr Sparrow has a jaw line that could give the muskaled boys a run for their money...Unconventionally charming I chose this picture over the standard ones cause it makes him look like a mafioso and I like-like that :D:D:D

Another guy whose poster has remained at the back of my door for ages...Again this form is better than the clean shaven 16 year old look!!!

The original heart throb, I've grown up collecting pictures of him!!! Dropped him off the radar after he started challenging Jesus with his hairstyle...

I've also had a weakness for good diction...When this guy does cameos in movies he steals the limelight from the hero...Armanis and Guccis were made for guys like him...not many understand this particular attraction but it's my list ya-what the hell!!!

Now to some lesser mortals... I know I know the list is big...but like I said it's my list!!! The more options the better right :p...

The single biggest mistake this puttar did: Growing up...he looked chooooo cute in Goblet of Fire, I loved him with the long hair and he almsot turned me into a pedo!!! He is extremly short though (only point of reference: wax figurine at Tussads!)

Dimples!!! They also make my heart go mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Growing up with Mills and Boons, the typical guy was I what I craved for: Tall, Dark, Handsome.... I know cliched as hell but the XX chromosomes take over, can't help it... 

The new choclate boy takes after his uncle...The thing that I like about him most: he is suave yet boyish...he is take me home types yet I'll show restrain types...get it?  

I couldn't stand him he has grown on me...He might be a casanova...but I'm not here to judge..I'm here to please my eyes and that's what I'll do...Again the clean shaven no...Rugged with a stubble (as long as it doesn't poke me) yeah yeah...

Dimples...Dolle-Sholle...kick-ass dancing skills...this guy has got it all and he looks super hot in everything...I hate Kareena (I really don't think she can act and her sob scenes make me kill myself )  for breaking up with this guy...Again not the one to judge their lifestyles but look at him...he is sooooo adorbale!!!

Finally the creme-de-la creme....

I think I would have loved anybody who played this character...The fact that it's Cedric helps :0...Edward can do no wrong in my eyes and I'd willingly get a bite on my neck to join his world...But I'm a sloth and can't fight off the other girls who have also queued up, so Ed, I'm trying to get my hand on the Soccer's stone, you are going nowhere anyways, I'll just have to make you forget worries Prof Snape might have something for that as well!!!

So junta? How much have you guys drooled and on whom?

P.S. (Guys, I have a wonderful name, call me that if you wanna...or take the hint from the signature..Prinka is also fine and dragon-girl is great...but I'll bite your head off and reduce you to ashes if you address me as Pri-Priya-Ms Shetty-Priyanka Chopra or Shilpa Shetty...if laziness envelopes you even PS is just fine!!! )

P.P.S (Red wanna steal somebody from my list :D)


Red Handed said...

Out of all them heart goes GEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for Mister Gerard Butler. The P.S I love you guy is the love of my life, especially after my boyfriend. But i loved him the most in THE UGLY TRUTH...Wasnt he just nasty yet cute??

Red Handed said...

My room mates name is priyanka and we all call her PU...
Okie thinking about it, i feel bad for her. She hates the name but we keep on calling her tht.
One more time THUMBS UP to my Gerard Butler byabeee!

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