Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's been exactly a year since I stopped blogging... for reasons better known to me, my literary juices seemed to have totally evaporated in 2010.... I had promised myself that I would start back in 2011....a month and more and I am still struggling to pen down things even though the words are flowing again....Starting where I left last unfinished post.....

P.S (After reading this I wont blame you if you wonder why I even started blogging's just that lame!!! Hopefully 2011 restores my original glory days...)

It is Monday. I hear a distant bark,
I don’t budge-I am the visitor in the world of Noah and her ark,
I float in eternal bliss out here; I could be mistaken for a lark,
The yelling is closer now, yet I couldn’t care to hark,
No action at my end causes mum’s her kadai to finds its mark,
Oh the vagaries of the homo-saoien life! The differences between Noah’s and my world are indeed stark,
Why oh why do I have to get up on Mondays, I have no mission to embark,
Bring it on - I’m in the mood for dark!!!

Monday blues stretch onto Tuesday; I can’t care enough to be bright,
The chair, the table, the bench, the lawn- all at office seem to be sending out the same invite,
It’s more than jut a challenge!!! It is cardinal a sin to be upright,
I wish to be free, to sail into my world of dreams, to be an eternal kite.
But I all I have is an endless tunnel with little hope of light,
To bunk or not; It is an eternal fight; Yep that’s right,
Bring it on- I’m in the mood for white!!!

Wednesday creeps in, just like another of its ilk,
Just as drab as its siblings, like any evil trick,
I resist the arrival, confounded, deluded and flabbergasted some more time I try to bilk,
The clock shoves me aside and declares I am ready to tick,
I am left with no other choice; I need to face the stick,
Gone are the days of frivolity and levity, of cashmere and silk,
Cheers to all my losses; Bring it on- I’m in the mood for milk!!!

Thursdays are fun days, after all they are the days meant for my fellow,
Coldplay sets the ball rolling, Indeed it is all yellow,
The spirit is blithe; it’s more than a spring in the step as I hear his hello,
Zubi dubi zubi dubi pumpaaaram Zubi dubi zubi dubi parumpum I bellow,
I hear call him call my name, it’s almost like a composition on a cello,
I run into his arms; who wouldn’t? And I turn into jell-o,
A warm glow spreads through me, Bring it on-I’m in the mood for marshmallow!!!

Yippe…its Friday. Akka: movie day, Akka: gala day, I walk into office 3 hours late, a distant rumble draws everybody’s attention to me... all in anticipation is my belly,
Everybody around me is just as happy, it’s the day we bid adieu to the drab formals and come casual and nelly,
We pack at 5; run before the sadoo manager gets hold of us; we head to the local bistro, its crowded and smelly,
Not to be put off, we head straight to the bar, on the rocks , nothing less will do, sobriety made the dodos’ extinct probably,
Locomotory skills take a major hit soon, vision gets compromised, being out of control is something I seldom enjoy, Bring it on -I’m in the mood for jelly!!!

It’s Sunday yet again; time sure flies, for the impending week I resolve to be fitter,
About time I get serious, considering I’m no chattel or critter,
Embolden by the thought I proceed to my room, what do I tackle first: the crumpled clothes or the overdue assignment, the messy table or the floor strewn with litter?
It sure looks insurmountable, but I’m no quitter!
A week has passed and a new week is at the horizon; do I brace up or do I let down my hair – I dither,
Chintu, pintu, golu , molu, rinki, pinki – without a care I hear then titter,
I ask God why did I have to grow up; now all is burdensome all is bitter,
Yet I trudge on… Bring it on- I’m in the mood for liqueur!!!

It is Monday. I hear a distant bark……


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