Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love is LIFE

I know my previous post says I was meant to be back after a long hiatus, but I didn't. Got busy, and bogged down to an extent. That is life. You plan something; something else happens. You ask for few things; you get everything else other than that! But again isn't that what makes life interesting and for some like me who need a challenge everyday she wakes up livable? I turned 26 this year and the very first thought that hit me was not that I am loved, not that I am old, not that I am to be married soon, not that I have a job which exhausts me every single day, not that my drink had gone dry half an hour ago, not that I might never have a tiger cub as a pet... nope none of these...It was the one haunting fact that my ambition fizzled out by the time I was 23. I always wanted to make a mark by the time I was 21. This didn't have to be becoming a multi-billionaire, but something that I could look back and be proud of! This thought has been lingering with me throughout this year and I have decided that I will do everything, I mean EVERYTHING, that I haven't done before in 2011. And it has been on helluva year :-)... and surprisingly more mountains than valleys... whoopa :-) :-) More on this later, for now one of the most constant things in my life: my belief in love.

Some of my absolute favourites, each on tells a million stories, only my interpretations below:

The tight bear hug when you see your loved one after eons,

The morning kiss and the warm re-assurance that you will always have somebody besides you,

The countless hours spent getting to know each other more and falling in all over again,

The times spent doing silly cute things which become indelible memories,

The times when the road ahead terrifies you, but the loving hand guides you right along;

The days when nothing goes your way and you at the brink of giving up, just the thought that you are the reason somebody wakes up each day with a smile, is enough to lift up your spirits and put you right back in the mad race;
A passion that lasts longer than time, yep I am one of those who believes in eternal love;

The embrace that says I love you darling and sometimes a little more than that ;-)

The music that is sometimes in the background, sometimes fore-ground when you are in love;

The absolute satisfaction you get when you see the significant other joyous and know that today you are the reason for the happiness;

The fact that life offers more lemons than you can handle, but treasuring the thought that you have somebody to grow old with and share the tequilas;

Ah love! The original vice! You are always in it, it might not always be with you. You might want to deny this, but deep down you know it's true. Lucky are those who experience the highs and lows of love. I have been in and out of it, but I have always been in love with the concept of love. Today I receive more than my share of love. Thanks baby, you make life worth living :-)

Adios, Amigos!


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