Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UNA SVELTINA I'm up at 1 a.m.....been working from 7:30 a.m.... I hate working from home...I ended up doing 2 times the work I'd do at office plus co-ordinating with the babies at office is so difficult and to top it all fucked my back sitting in the same damn position for 12 hours straight...I even skipped lunch today without realizing it :(...happens with me!!! So I'm not gonna say a lot, will put up some quick things and vanish.

First up...It's November already!!! The days seem to be skidding past way too fast right? I had so much to do this year: learn a musical instrument, learn horse riding, learn sign language, do some serious NGO work....haven't done half of new year resolutions...bad very bad!!! Still have 2 months, let's see what I can ukhadofy in the remaining 50 odd days.  The 4th book of the Eragon series is supposed to be out today, I've forgotten almost everything of the first 3...anybody having first 3 books, please giving. This Friday will be 11-11-11. Considered auspicious by some, bad day by few others. All I know is a date like this isn't coming for another 1000 years, by which time all of us would be cellular dust...well at least us mortals, but terrifying creatures like 'Kalpak and his thing' will continue to horrify our (great-great-great)^16 grand-children too. So on Friday, 11 minutes past 11 if you remember me, nothing is gonna come fall on your lap/bank-account/head but you might just make me hiccup all the way to the nearest pub ;) basically chutti :D :D yevrybady...rack the baady....set alarms and think about me at eggactly the same time. Don't let me down...warna jamaila bhurtha bana daloongi...hugs in advance for those who don't need me to threaten you...

Second up: I've got a new blogger name....tada: DIGS.(eh dinka chikka dinka chikka) I looooooooooooooooowe it :D...thank you Supernickkkkkkkkkkk. You can come join me on Friday, drinks on me...but of course I need the sketch of super-girl avatar OK? Bari kayalli bandre, chadu galu nimage :P!!!

Third up: Meow's finally here :D....bandu bitallu Aditi....she leaves marathon comments and is just so infectiously bubbly you can't help smiling at her, with her, on her, over her, under her..whatever er....Belcome to the Deeeragon's adda hudugi :D...this is for you, my fellow pussy lover ;)...
Fourth up: Guruji is sick...he has malaria :(...please pray for his speedy recovery...I ask this not cause I miss him much...I do miss him as I can humanly miss any other alien...but he is succccccccccccccch A drama queen I tell you......"now 104 degrees,,,abhi 94 hai...koi hot nurse nahi hai attend karne ko... hayye AIDS kyun nahi bola saale doctor ne....tumko mazak lag raha hai...yaha mein aakhri sasien gin raha hun aur Justin Beiber abhi tak dekne nahi aya...kya ghor kalyug hai yaar'....One Rakhi Sawant wasn't enough for us poor Earth dwellers, the aliens sent back their version of 'Mr Dhaki Sawant' to us!!! "Om jai jag deesh hare, Swami is virgin ko humse le lo pare"

Fibth up: I have many posts lined up, just hope my allergies and illness let up. Some titles being: 'Chances of survival:0.01% ', 'Raat ke Gyara Bhaje', 'They talk to me', 'Ugly side of love', 'Gannu', 'Oh woman you kill: Ala me' (I'm yet to read Red's version, sorry babe, will do it soon...) etc many thoughts have accumulated over the past few weeks :D...indiblogger also has their new contest 'If you had 2 hours extra in a day, what would you do with it'...I'd sleep I know so haven't yet bothered to pen something but I'd really like to take part in it too. Meanwhile, after a long time I've written something on D.O.V.

Sixth up: For those of you who return after reading that on D.O.V, happy thoughts people. Life's good now :D. For those of you smarty pants who didn't, it's OK. I forgive you. Now please please please watch this. Such a beautiful concept I tell you, what amazing choreography, dil-ko-touching karne walli earnesty in the awaaz.... I googled this guy after PV said so and I found this. I don't know what you take away, but those-Happy Dent-OMG-in your face- teeth just reminded me I need to go get clips SOON. All you Mellu mone's and mole's, yenjay....please don't translate for my benefit.

(This stupid plug in made me almost lose the entire post...I had to type out everything all over again...damn you Barney Stinson suited up- teeth guy!!!)

Seventh up: I actually have nothing more to say, but 7, apart from 1 and 3, is my lucky number so will blabber something......hmmm....did you know 'You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening!' and 'If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.' and 'There is a town in Pennsylvania named Intercourse.' and 'Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.' I didn't....I'm one of those who will believe anything she reads on the net!!!

OK done dana done..... Aiy pochi..... Khatam baat......mugdoyitu... fintio....ayindi....aandeh..... 


P.S: The title means 'a quickie' in Italiano. Yeah this loong is a quickie according to me....what will you do huh huh ? BTW...the views on my page stands at 1968, I'm soooooo tempted to keep refresshing my page till it reaches 1999 :P

P.P.S: The weird wiggly thing on top is actually how I sign off my letters, cards, writings etc. on paper.  



Atrocious Scribblings said...

The Dragon back at her fiery best with a huge list of posts to do.

Coincidentally, on Friday the 11.11.11, I will be at work in Room No 111.

Meoww's comments are so awesomely long and bubbly that you can take a straw and suck the energy from the screen.

The video was Howlarious, but nothing beats Desi Spiderman.

Good to see you up and running.

Cheers :)

DIGS said...

@Machi: First to comment...wah wah...only video was howlarious not me writing :(...I'm all hurt now...I saw the espiderman..It din make me howl for some reason, but OMG...why do people make such videos? Thanks for the wishes buddy...much appreciated :D

Beste Grube.

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Hey.. So.. How are now ?? Peeling good ?? :):) hehehehehe thanks machi...!! But this Friday at 11.11 hopefully I will be writing my 11th line in my test in a class of 11 members :):)

plans to blr is still under work.. Little bit kelsa is there.. Once that moogitu... Lets go photographic n cartooning your alter ego :)
lots of ideas in my mind plus lots to talk too.. So.. See u when i see you :) aliverege :) gtalk-e-sharanam..!!! :)

kalpak n. said...

first of all, u seem to be weirdly obsessed with me and my thing. hmmmmmmmmmmm

nice comeback post skinny dragon. was really waiting for u to write something. wen i saw ur new post was up, i was like whoa! gaali wala post aaya. but no gaalis. :(

keep writing. and stop working so much. work aint life buddy. and 50 days is more than enuf time to START learning a musical instrument, learn SOMEWHAT sign language, enough to convince a horse to allow u to sit on it. :)

@ supernick : i know she's happy wid DIGS, but call her skinny dragon. i know DIGS is better, but skinny dragon irritates her. so its more fun. :D

maithili said...

never mind the long post!! What is a post if you can't post all that you have in your mind!!

I don't know whats all the hoopla around 11.11.11 actually talking it is 11.11.2011 so i hv lost interest :D :D I m waiting for 22.2.2022 ! that wud be something to talk of :D :D
DIGS sounds cool :D :D

Red Handed said...

Now I was thinking where the hell are you and thts when u gift us a post :)
Waise I will remember u for sure. Date and time yaad raha toh :P
Meoww and u fellow pussy lovers?? geeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee
And aapne humara post pada nahi? Hawwwww :P
Welcome back!

Rahul said...

so at least the dragon is back....with 50% butt-kicking capacity restored...while she regains the rest 50%,yours monumentally cranky will keep waiting..:-D

vixie said...

bwahahahhaaa... talk about my energy molay..??!!
this post was like ooozing with enthu..:D:D:D
awwwww..thanki thanki..

that kitty..that kityy..that kitty..!!!!!

i think i am dying looking at its cutenesss

some creatures are so angelic na...
awwwwwwwww..dammm i just cant stop..
m trying m trying
*shut your mouth aditi*
*dignified look*
:) are sooo kindd..

aaaaan...why so much bruhahah for 11.11.11
the world is not going to end for sure
justin bieber is going to sing for sure
i am going to prove my insanity time and again for sure...


and duude..that video maan..
i understood zilch..but the guy..he gives me complex and all..!!!
saala uska daat mera daat se itna safed kaisa..?!!

there's another marathon comment for yeh :D:D
*No I will Never Learn i Know*

PS-ohhhho...don't work so much pretty lady..
pls pls get your beauty sleep..and stay fit and masstt..!!!

^_^ ^_^


vixie said...

@RED..blehehehehehe..yuss yussss
Dragon and I now have the proud fellowship of pussy land..!!!!!!
bleh :P
:D :D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Supernickkk: Come soon I might lose interest in you otherwise :P

@Poopy: I'm just as obsessed with your thing as you are with ma legs. Gali wali jaldi...about learning think about it...I didn't do it for 300 days would I do for the other 50? Lazy as hell. Aur tharqi saale...I'm not skinny...and like you expect, stop talking o other bloggers on my blog.

@Maith: Welcome here :D...DIGS does sound cool :D....I'm getting wed on 12-12-12(hopefully) :D :D :D

@Red: Hum apke bache kab ho gaye? You say I gift you with a make me sooooooooooo happy when you say that...thanks babe...will read your post first thing I get some breathing time.

@Rahul: I can't always be the Dragon, need to be the goat also right? Other wise I'd be just the The Dragon Girl and be called 'TuDuGu'!!! But some royal butt kicking soon.

@Meow: Yamma...saaka ma lenght of comment...not even mimin post...proper post bana daala :D...yep the pussy is all yours :D



vixie said...

ashte :D

Khushboo W said...

Comeback! Nice haan! :D
Ekdum dhaasu tha, boss! :D :D

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Yes. I know. I'm late. Shoot me.

1) Doode, where the eff did the year go to? I'm still reeling under the shock of last year's new year party!!
2) 'Kalpak and his thing' scaring our great grandchildren- sounds nasty ;P
3)Fellow WHAHAHAT!! :P
5) Arjit actually said all that?! Sheesh:P Drama queen:P And do convey my get well soons:)
6) I particularly wanna read the ugly side of love..
7) I'll mail you about this one. And you did NOT plug that video!! I almost died after watching that -_-

Intercourse? Like really?:P

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