Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm sitting thoroughly jobless right now waiting for my buddy to move his almost non-existent ass off his chair to go hog on road-side khana...I've been lusting after that food for days now and every bloody who has a mouth and can gobble out words told me  "I'm being silly".  Well I like being silly...wake up people...It's me, silly is one of my middle names...I'm never gonna grow up in that aspect *touch-wood* and the person who makes me grow is gonna be cursed to live the life of a dung me, I'm working on my hexing skills. So yeah pretty much waiting, casting murderous looks every 2 mins and blog surfing. 
V always has these things which I tell her I'll flick, but never end up doing, so now just did it here...totally on an impulse. But it's gonna be a month and more of me, moi, I and myself so first step into the world of insanity....Tread carefully :D's gonna be looooooong.
First up is Personality:

                                                                                      in day-to-day life. 

                                                                                     time for flirting !!!!        
                                                                                      nature is a big draw. It's the prefect place to find  peace and quiet. 
This I don't quite agree. I take relationships quite seriously. But yes like I said earlier, I'm  rather silly and  I would rather bond with people, at least in the longer run, who can be silly themselves and take a joke for what it is meant to be: A JOKE. For example if I call you cheapo, It's not the equivalent of whore, not that your parents raised you in the wrong manner, not even that you are a cheap person. It only means your being an ass who I feel like kicking right now, simple kick on the butt. Yep, it's difficult being friends with me, but there is never a dull moment with me!!! It all comes at a cost you see :P.. 

OK next thing I'm apparently a rush seeker. I'm TERRIFIED of heights. Just typing that out made my feet all sweaty. How on earth will I ever bungee jump I know not but it's on top of must-do-before-turn-40-or-die list!!!

Next up is the 4 letter word that makes my world go round :D

                                                                                         there is more to it than physical attraction.

                         I think more than one person can vouch for this :D

                                                                                      when the going will get tough!!! 

This quiz is huge man. I'm gonna stop at the 4th one for now. I haven done an ounce of work since morning and I feel like the people I actually I dislike: the work shirkers who come to office just to warm their seats. Finally travel.  
                                                                                              with your nearest and dearest 
OK the next set some other time...peramise :D...finally the latest bling acquisition in ma bling world it for Diwali ...YAY YAY...the best touch screen digi (SHOWING OFF A BIT :P) cam there is at a price that burnt the pocket big time!!! Now finally I hope I'll have the freedom to use the pics I take at the right time as and when I need them. I'm still doing that for the UK trip!!!
Vivi e lascia vivere

P.S: I was so lazy to type out that feedback of the quiz I converted this into a pic-blog.....sorry about the length again....and my passport looks nothing like the one above. Very few stamps in fact :(...but it will change soon :D...also I can't get this Sony VAIO laptop, fluorescent green one, out of my head. I'm all messed up, somebody help!!!


Anonymous said...

Teeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Flourescent green is the way to go if you do not want the man to use it! :) I have used Sony Vaio but I did not like it at all. It was a crappy stupid laptop. I like Dell, I have a Dell XPS now and it is so much better...

Phew! I did not realize I do have a little geek living inside...

And,ah well, I once bought so many palmistry books to reveal my future...women that we are :P

Viya ;) said...

aaah! finallly one of the 'flicked' ones saw the daylight on your blog! :P :P!!!!! i've been dying to get a new one! all i have is a 5 year old '6.1'MP camera!.. bbaahhhhh!! :(
i loovvee the sony waio in hot pink! ;) :P

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Chints: I have no idea why I like it...the laptop costs like 60K and looks like completly plasticky....I don't think I'll bust that much on it but I JUST HAVE TO GET THAT THING OUTTA MY HEAD :'(.....

@Rahul: Darn...shall I delete chints comments and repaste it below your's :P....I'm actually sick again...fever is back and I don't think that road-side khana sat well in my system...pait mein gud gud ho raha hai :(...BTW did you read all of me-gyaan on top or just skimmed through it?

@V: Thanks for letting me flick it girl :D...I have a 8.1 CASIO one which is decent, it's just not a sony...I don't mind giving it away if you wann to experiment :D...and I'm not sooo much a pink girl...actually all my gadgets are black...I donno what made me pick the gold digi and now the green lappy!!!

Er. said...

UK trip? Aw, man. It made me comment on it, finally. And THIS CAMERA was the thing you were telling me about after your shopping spree? And get well soon. (Mentally, physically and now financially, too!) And I am still *NOT* blocked. Ch, ch. :P

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Guruji:If you really wan me to vlock you it won't be that difficult but my god it takes so much to get comments out of you!!! I'm wallowing in self loathing right now.

Rahul said...

I read half of it.Rest I skimmed.I reasoned I would rather figure you out on my own,rather than have my opinions biased by some website's analysis...;-)

Rahul said...

btw....please do take care of ur health,my dragon buddy...:-) get well.....and fast....

Red Handed said...

Gehaa Baby!!!!
UK trip eh? pool in some money and get an SLR or sumthing. This one luks great too.
Linda Goodman love astrology rocks man!!!!!

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Rahul: Yeah I understand the skipping. I did it myself...but it was quite accurate which is actually the first time that's every happened :D...and I'm trust me I HATE being sick.

@Red:I bought this cause I wnated something to carry around easily...sis has a DSLR ans carrying that thing is a task in itself...but yeah pics from those cams are great. Linda's theory's have worked but there are always exceptions you know.

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Congrats on the New Digi cam, I`m sure it'll come in handy for your UK sojourn. Have fun there as well.

My apologies if this sounds judgemental but I never really pegged you for an online quiz fan.

Cheers :)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

I took it too!!! SO much fun but I don't quite remember what I got:P

And hot green envy at that digi, I want it in black!! What are the specs like?

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Machi: I'm not going to UK anytime soon...not sure what I said where (too bugged to go trace back) but I just got back from there few months ago...and trust me for I'll put up more on me soon...just that the quiz was easy and I had time at hand...I write the best when I have like 13 minsutes left to finish something not 13 hours so don't you worry.

@PV: I know, and somehow whatever the quiz told me was 99% true...that almost has never happened. Plus somethings kinda reassured why I'm in the current state of affairs. Will mail you the specs OK?

Viya ;) said...

No babe :) Thank you though :D i'm still trying to convince daddy dearest to buy me a sony or nikon one.. ;).. i really hope he agrees...

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Hi.. I did read your comments on my blog and so happy to have reading my posts... Feels good :) few things I wanted to say.. Firstly i don't have your email id.. I tried lookin for it but dint find it.. So drop me a mail at :) i will be dropping to blr soon.. Hopefully see you there :) and i am surprised with this post.. I never have the patience to go through a quiz n stuffs..!!


P.S. : the small guy from talespin is Kit. :) and shasaboey was what pao from kung fu panda screams when in a fight..!! its like yeaaaaahhhhhh...!!! like that types..!!

P.P.S : btw.. I was thinkin you wouldn like the DIGS thing.. Was expecting a plz-don't-do-it class :) am glad u liked it :)

P.P.S.S : rest of the reply for the comment you posted will send on email... Specially the books part :) so drop a mail soon :):)

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

and hey.. ya.. I too read your blog often.. I jus miss out on the dropping a comment.. I read on my mobile and always think of commenting when i log in but forget it :)

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