Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why does Murphy love me so much?

I've been MIA for so long...I literally have no clue how to start back!!! Nope aliens didn't abduct me, THEY TRIED TOO TRUST ME, but failed. I was under a self imposed exile and have been doing nothing in particular. Missed me right? Can there be any other answer to that!!! I have sooooo much catching-up to do, so many posts to read, comment on, yet to participate in the discussion on DOV, need to rant about the past 2 weeks...blah blah....

I do remember telling PV that this month is gonna be a bore and my Gaaad it seems to be a colossal one!!! First let's find out what Ms Shetty has been upto from the 13th of Oct shall we? At least pretend to be interested peeps, cammon.. So cutting to the chase,  I have been sick to my bones for the past 2 weeks!!! (Give me some love guys..some more love...a lil more...OK that should do...back off now.....)...You know the typical ahchoo-ahchoo types. Strangely this happens to me every year, at precisely the same time. People do fall sick I know, round the year, but this aggravated viral attack is an annual occurrence (True fact this, hasn't missed a turn even once in 25 years) and me-the-greatest have voluntarily boycotted the medical fraternity so will never ever take any medicines and will run miles before a needle comes within 2 cms of me. Result of which: prolonged coughing bouts most of which arrive sometime during the wee hours of the day and refuse to depart till 12 noon. I've coughed...coughed...COUGHED, till the roof came down so I'm sure one of these days the neighbours are gonna complain to mum that I've got TB or AIDS !!! Fever was a minor deterrent in the daily schedule of the dragon-girl but she also happened to pick up some kinda allergy on her way back from Mysore...Oh right she went to Mysore over the weekend with a bunch of budding Architects..more on that and flying buttresses in the next post...for now let's continue with the rabid-dog story. So she picks up this dust allergy devil knows how, but has been struggling with it ever since!!! 

It's horrible people...just horrible....I  keep sneezing throughout the day- like a pressure cooker gone ballistic- rashes appear all over the shapely bod even without ingesting any of the Weasely products, fingers swell roughly up to 3 times their normal size, every part of the skin that is exposed to the elements itches and turns beet-red!!!! Arggggggggggggh...I told you rabid-mangy story!!! Which brings me to the title of this post: Murphy darling's eternal ever lasting loowe for me!!! Like any other Casanova, he sure befriends a lot of women and in some cases, when he is in the mood to experiment and doesn't mind swinging both ways, befriends the occasional Bobby Darling as well, but our torrid love affair has been going strong for the past 26 years. He always returns back to me, much to my indignation, after cavorting with millions around the world. Whenever he does, he returns like the faithful lover with such gusto and fervour that sometimes I wonder 'Kiss janam ka bandhan ha ye jo aaj bhi Fevicol ke jod ki tarah kayaam hai!'....Like the prefect boyfriend every girl reads about in those mush-inducing Mills and Boons novels' this dude smothers me, yes smothers me with all kinds of attention. He refuses to let me out of his sight even for a moment and the few hours that we do manage to sleep after all the indulging ,he makes sure that he is in my dreams through and through!!! We've been going rock-hard thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long, I know I'll break his heart when I say this, but sadly our relationship has now reached that stagnant phase where I'm quite sick of his attention and he well, still-truly-deeply-madly-impossibly loves me but I've finally come to a decision that we must part ways; we just have I'm putting him up for adoption. Anybody interested please drop me a mail, early bidders might even get a shoe free :P....

By now you must have realized that this is a no good post so if you really are thaaat jobless or thaaat sadistic or even both, here are some more ramblings in the bulleted form.

>>> I caught up on a lot of sleep this past week. Did nothing productive and didn't solemnly swear to do any good either.

>>> Have been visiting a lot of blogs and found some really interesting ones, will plug them in later, but haven't been able to comment in earnest for a long time now. I haven't forgotten any of you, just need sometime to get my bearings back. One particular post that cracked me upto no end : facebook-pwincezz. COTTON CANDY HONEY AP MARIMUTHU!!! Ingenious I say.

>>> Lots of posts with/about blogger awards doing the rounds and people are keen on knowing more about the dragon so will oblige soon :D. Rhetoric as this question maybe, have you guys read this? :  donate-kashmir....this line struck a chord "We are to Kashmir what the British were to us"... then there is this I miss UK :(...... this was a succinct comparison of Bangalore, the city I love the most and London , a city which I have been oh-so-missing since I came back!!! Chints you blog like everyday, and sense, not balderdash like me. I am so friggin J of you Lekhan Gupta, green-eyed all the way. If I did have any award to give away, I'd give you 'I DIG YOUR BLOG' or 'YOU ROCK' one right away. Your posts kept me great company while I was ill. Cheers Shubh :D

>>> Kalpak is right on top of my hit list right now. On the top dude, ACME, ZENITH, NUMERO UNO...anything and called me skinny dragon. Poop-head you, take a hint from my signature.... I'll barbecue you alive for the Halloween party if you call me skinny again. Resist the urge I know it's difficult being single an all, but be the better man, will ya?

>>> I seem to have found my liking for poetry, Hindi poems in particular, again. Eons ago I indulged in those myself, I'm suddenly all inspired to be a Galib. BTW I frequent some great blogs. These blogs have many followers as well but even the most popular blogger's view count stands somewhere in the last 20 K...Even Sahana with all that furore, stood right there. Made me wonder actually for somebody to have gotten to 4 times this number, how many times might they have refreshed their own page ?

>>> Thank you to those who responded to the previous post, not many used their soon to be redundant gray matter, but I liked PV's response the best. Not many associate a dragon with laughter and me being the uber maverick saw the instant appeal in that :O...

>>> Mr X-man, thank you for your personalized mail. As much as I appreciate the profound insight that 'Whore' rhymes with 'roar' I'm not here to judge people, well a bit maybe, I'm a girl after all, but what people do in their personal lives is not something I like commenting on. The person in contention might be doing everything short of calling me names but I'm gonna be the laughing dragon and guffaw it away. I don't wish to preach here, but name calling is for the weak (right Machi ;))..In the fight with the dragon, the lion is bound to go down, but apart from being the bigger animal here I also would like to be the bigger person, for once, let me atleast give it a shot right?

>>> I've been reading 'The Girl who played with fire' and it's a great whodunit. Don't like the sequel so much but I've just started on it. The tattoo of the lead character is something I'm willing to kill for!!! I've also been watching loads of Wildfire'. It's a series that I got hooked on to whilst  I was at UK; it's nothing great but my love for horses has grown exponentially ever since!!!

>>> I had exceptional hair-days the entire last week; when I had nobody around me to show off to!!! Story of my life!!! The days when I need to serenade my hair it would be anything from the tailu-aunty to coconut husk but when I'm confined indoors, all the shine and softness that Dove can possibly bestow on me is there in full glory!!!

>>> My first name means love,loved by all to be precise, irony, but true. Recently Ghara-eyes was seen enumerating to the blogger world why I don't understand the nuances of this 4 letter world. Lame as the reasons were, in a desert of monosyllable stringers even that litany filled with sewage was destined to be soaked in. All I'd like to say is this "my love wishes from the bottom of his heart, with no malice whatsoever, that you find love one day". For only those experienced in the magic of true love, truly understand the aura of it  right :) :) :). Maybe then your life wouldn't be this bitter!!! Just maybe.

>>> I haven't been active on DOV for so long that I think I'll be kicked out soon. It's been an interesting month out there and I will soon have to come up with something to remain a darling there!!! I joined blog adda, blog junta, 20 something bloggers etc etc and have done absolutely nothing since. I'm such a total disappointment to me-self!!!

>>> While I lay awake sometimes at night for no particular reason I get some of the best ideas, kick-ass phrases, wonderful vocab, great clauses, miss-me-not expressions....the minute I sit to type, they evaporate. Is this a sign from above that should leave this space for good?

>>> I think I know why I get no blessings from the heaven dwellers...All the blessings are directed to a certain 'Laksmi'(supposed to be the name written in my kundali) by Mother India not to Priyanka whenever she is asking the GAAD above to bless the prodigal child.

>>> Thank you Rahul, Guruji, Machi, V, Aditi for genuinely missing me (I wonder why). It helped make the rabidity, bearable :D

              Happy Diwali to you and your family. 
Spread light and love all around you and if your giving out chocolates/sweets make sure you've kept some for me :D. 


Rahul said...

That Rahul in the last paragraph...was that the monumentally cranky Rahul or some other Rahul????:-D Anyway...I missed you sorely.Why?Well,I was missing the spicy comments and all that sassy sarcasm.:-)Nobody manages to pull off that as effectively as you,do you know that??:-D
Anyway,how are you feeling now?Is that allergy slowly reducing?And on a lighter note,if a dragon is sneezing,won't she set everything on fire???:-D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

Well it's the Rahul who is always the first to comment on my posts :D...I didn't know saracsm was my super power, well now I do :)...Still coughing a bit and the allregy, well it's dust allergy and the Diwali secen isn't quite helping. Actually the dragon-girl is having a bout with the fire. She has decied that the fire will come out only for those who rub her the wrong way and decide to invoke karma :)

Rahul said...

Hmmm....hey listen....don't shy away from meds.Allergy is a bad thing.I know.Coz I have been suffered from a dry cough allergy spree too.It lasts a long time.So take whatever meds the docs are prescribing.And take care.:-)

its me!!! sharan :) said...

Its always tough to read a long post, but after finishing if you feel that you did the right thing, you feel like you are the best decision maker on this earth..well I am feeling same :)

stay connected!!!
its me!!! sharan :)

kalpak n. said...

Dear Skinny Dragon,

Kindly note that i am on top of many girls' lists for various reasons, sex being the most common (they put me on top of their list as 'prefer sex with walrus than with this guy')
i started referring to u as skinny dragon cos i was too lazy to reply to ur comments by starting them with "@ dragon in the skin of a goat" and so i preferred "@ skinny dragon". it had no references to your physical appearance whatsoever. well...the dragon part was a reference to the scales on ur skin and that tail, but thats it. but telling me "dont do that, it irritates me" is like telling any random person "dont look there". so sorry dear, i know u r a really sick person (i mean literally), i still cant help it.

P.S.: 'mush-inducing'...hats off to the new word coinage. really liked it. :)

P.P.S: you could have atleast linked my blog. gareeb ki jholi mein thode readers hi aa jaate. but no! why wud u? sheeesh

P.P.P.S: who's Mr. X man??? :)

Wings of Harmony said...

You wouldn't be kicked outta DOV. We <3 you darling :D Oh and yes! I read the ENTIRE post, including the bullets....I understand the pain of allergy, I suffer from the same, but just endless embarrassing sneezes! So...I totally totally hope, you get well soon :D :D

Love and Blessed be!

Viya ;) said...

I really hope you're alright now babe! :)
Happy Deepavali btw!!! :D :D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Rahul: Noted. Next time somebody needs advice I'll pass that on, but no meds for me buddy. I'm just so so worried that someday I might pop like MJ, without the Neverland of course.

@Sharan: I'm glad you felt good. I personally always skip some bits in any long read, Blame it on the streneous CAT preps, but it now comes naturally to me to miss out few words in every sentence and let my brain do the formulating. It's actually fun most of the times with my brain going hay wire :D

@Pradita: I think I spelt the name wrong (lazy to go cross ref it right now sorry if I did dear), you have no idea how glad I am to see you here. I was gonna drop by at your blog soon to check if I had done anything to piss you off...long time no see...anyways 'dair aye, doorust aye' :D

@V: To you to milady...I'm better now, but all the smoke from those wretched crackers isn't really helping. How did the exams go?

@Kalpak:I knew there was no point telling you to bugger off!!! Still worth a try don't you think? But seriously barbecue dude, watch out!!! All my followers are anyways on your list too, so your getting no more publicity from me, until you call me something I'd like. Hmm you like mush-inducing there's soo much more that will be coming your way soon then :D...X-man, well he is this person who frequents my blog, and decided to voice his opinions through a mail for some odd reason rather than leave comments here. Shall I set up a date?

Wings of Harmony said...

@Dragon Girl: OMG, I am a Dragon lover, a Dragon sign in Chinese...why on earth will you piss me off! :D :D :D I have been interning, where my creative juices have been sucked out and replaced with "do-don't think"...for a month now, today is my last day *hopefully* and you shall me more here after. (See? I am now talking in agreement language, sigh!) ;) :D

Wings of Harmony said...


Red Handed said...

Baby I am Howling for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
I am so sorry i could not comment Yesterday. :*
I never ever take meds when I catch a cold and hence I would be coughing and sneezing and also spreading virus for almost a week or two. Mad me!
Nd the Allergy! :( I AM SOOO ALLERGIC TO DUST,
The good part is that you are considerably fine now. So a sloppy kiss for u. Yes i forced it on you!

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Pradeeta: I got the spelling right now :D...good to hear that the dragon is still loved!!!

@Red: I'll take the kiss this once ok, my scales need some loving. Will ya help me plot against the poop-head? I'm just as J of him and his funny funny bone.

Viya ;) said...

the internals you mean? they were good only! :P
but the submission season still continues :( ... they dumped us with work again!!!

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@V: Well soon you'll be a full fledged architect armed with a degree to build whatever the hell you want :D...and then there is being my wedding planner also...loads of things to look forward too :D..oh next post on flying buttresses...your backyard/domain :P

Viya ;) said...

hehe :P can't wait for that day!! :D :D
oh man! flying buttresses... seems like agggeeess ago when we were forced to sketch millions of them! *siighhh*!

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