Thursday, October 6, 2011

Effigies I shall burn this Dussehera!!!

I think I’ve had one too many putric acid spewing blogs in the recent living memory so it’s time I have a nice big kit-kat! But can’t resist the urge to get into the festive mood can I? It being Dasara and all and me missing school for the hols and all, I have to have to vent, yes this time it is venting, so I’m doing it the traditional way ;).
Some of the people who by accident sauntered in to my life, some others shamelessly-obstinately-soon to be-fatally, refuse to go away and few others who I have in life only cause of the sins I have committed in my previous 9 lives I’d like to poof up in Volcanic ashes. Ok a small deviation here, imagine reading this and the past few posts, if one day I get controversial enough to be made a item on the idiot box and somebody wastes time psychoanalyzing my twisted brain, yes yes the Sahana induced syndrome, just imagine the field day they will have reading my posts!!! 

Intruders: This is a general classification of the noisy boys next door…emerged from the heart of Reddy clan these 2 legged-creatures have a hearing impediment I think, any time of the day  the volume of the TV or Radio is over 150 decibel…even at 1 cuckoo a.m.!!! I strongly suspect any person who isn’t deaf yet, will reach for the pistol, after listening to the music they play!!! And each song has to be played a minimum of 64 times (eyes popped out from the head and rolling around on the floor). I’ll be busy trying to be Khumbhakasurani and these cretins completely oblivious to the inconvenience they cause eat-talk-burp-snore-cavort unbearably LOUDLY.  Venketeshwara, why did you ever create “Brahmachari’ phase of life? Do you really hate women thaaaaaaaat much!!!! I swear on all the wealth that has been accumulated in your name, if I lose more sleep, I will throw these boys into the cleansing pyre, even if they are miles away from Telanga.  

Unbearablo-Lecherosarous: I ask the guy at the pantry in office for an egg puff, he talks to my boobs. I ask the auto fellow if he will come to Malleshwaram, he will take a good look at the mid riff and then say in the most annoying tone ‘Illa amma’ (rejection basically). I can’t walk alone on a deserted road even at 8 in the morning, my ass has been much too spanked!!! And I’m not even that blessed you know body wise. I have a kick ass metabolism which keeps me hour glassy even after I’ve eaten a whole buffalo, but pahlease all this attention is way too much duuudees!!! Enough is enough. I get to hear from my small circle of well wishers why dress provocatively if you don't want all this, to whom I shoot back, does it matter if I were in a saree or burkha? Why should I curb my expression cause of those eyes which follow me everywhere? Won't I just draw them out with my claws!!! You disgusting vile filthy human beings, If I were a real dragon, you would all be charred by now.  

B&B's at work: Guys get a life!!! I am not there to screw you or over you. I'm their to enjoy my work. You goddamn  better let me do it. It's not my fault I am bestowed with oodles of confidence...the awesomeness is in born! Yes I am in your face, Yes I can be rude, yes I sure am wily, but if only you noticed I can be nice,s oft , friendly, cool and caring too. I don't respect people who can't do the same so you can go jump of any damn cliff before you expect me doing so, but start giving the bitching a rest will you.?The Satan has come visiting me in the rehashed form of woman, and boy oh boy...making my life living hell, in a form only we women are capable of doing. I've never hated, yes I won't use detest cause the felling is not mild, somebody as much as I do this thing. You cost me my friend and I'll die before I forget or forgive that sin. How can somebody be so blinded by jealousy, mob mentality and sheer dumb ego is beyond me but you are setting a great great example of who I will tell myself in years to come, however successful I will be, I never ever become!!! You guys have been hard to get rid of, like the roaches of the world, but you have got be purified in the lava spewed from Etna!!!

Ghosts of my childhood: You refuse to go away. You haunt me and terrify me. You make me think 100 times before I even so much as smile at a guy. I keep up the brave front not wanting you to destroy me again, but you...aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...haven't you tortured me enough? Have you taken away my blessed childhood from me, forced me to grow up at the age of 5 and left me battered already. Why stay with me more? What sadistic pleasure do you derive by reminding, every now and then, that the  girl species is the most vulnerable out there who can be eve-teased, molested and raped just for the heck of it!!! I want to live, live freely, live openly, live my life the way it's meant to be lived.....Hope this cataclysmic fire makes you finally go away and may I RIP!!!


P.S (Though since I was venting might as well let it all out. Don't ask me what B&B's, you guys are intelligent enough, go figure.)

P.P.S (Stevey died today I hear, may he also RIP, I wasn't a big fan, if not him atleast his company is an icon so toast to you great guy!!!) 

P.P.P.S (I also hear RCB won a match in style....Way to go guys :D)


Rahul said...

So much of anger?:-) I felt the pink font of ur blog turn red hot as it struggled to keep pace with your rage!!!:-D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Rahul: blush I'm calm and sedate and slightly drunk ;)...and did you read the comments on the previous post? Happy Dasara to you btw :D

Chandana said...

lol.. nice classification! A lot of these kind of posts seem to be around blogosphere all of a sudden!

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

Hey Chan...first time here..thanks for stopping by :D...I know...but isn't that how everything is always...anyways too much negativity no...all though I just read some thing really really horrible right now, I'm still calm and composed and have decided not to lash out, ok lash out per se..but enough with the negativity for some time. I've got some great great inspiration right now so hopefully next time around you will leave the blog much much happier :D..Happy Dasara to you.

Red Handed said...

oooh lalala!Smoking hot babiee!!!
May these boys burn along with Mr Ravan and his associates!!!:D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Red: Danku :D...I'm kinda depressed now...dam i didn't want my next post also to be negative but some people are just hitting all the wrong buttons...deap breaths we shall over come!!! How are the exams going on/how did they go?

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Machi, Your recent posts seem to be justifying that you are indeed a dragon within goat skin ready to spew fire any second. Why such rage? Correct me if this sounds like imposing; but I think you need to take a vacation to de-stress and cool your heels down a little.

Happy Dushera to you, Do gorge on some Mithai on my behalf too because I dont get too :( :(

Cheers :)

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Machi: I know, I know, but like I said I just wanted to get it all out you know. Too much bottling up. I know I totally need a vacation, but no company dude. All are so busy in their lives, doing the same old peety things and I can't for the love of god go alone. I'm gonna stop they spewing, you have no idea how difficult it is, but I'm gonna try. How do you stay postive machi give me some tips..please ?

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Take a look at


If it Helps.

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

As long as you burn them. As long as you let it all go.
As long as this venting works..
All of it holds meaning.

The moment you reiterate, it's a lost cause.

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