Sunday, December 25, 2011

Monkey business

It's been a month of losses. Started with the dignity, then the pricey I product, followed by respect from the loved one and now I realize I've lost a whole month doing absolutely nothing!!! Dec is my favorite time of the year, I just love the magic in the wind at this time. The Priyanka who would normally be extra hyper during this time has sort of gone into hibernation, self imposed sure, but why it was needed who the hell knows? The year has zipped by, almost everybody agrees with me on this, some are able to recount all the things they did in this year unfortunately for me, I'm not one of those. Starting next month I'm to start recounting all that happened to me from Jan 2011, I did have a decent year actually, half year to be precise, so it would be a shame if I can't pen it down some where. Am I excited about that...nah...excitement has disappeared from the essence of being me and I can't wait for all the plum cake, wine and roasted turkey to get it back into me. FINGERS CROSSED!!! 

Post June things have kinda been downtown for me and I've been desperate for a change of scene. It's difficult for a person who used to being in the thicket of things to not just be out of the periphery of the inner circle but to be so far out of it that one feels no connection whatsoever with anybody anymore. It's difficult to imagine people so I'll forgive you if you can't. I've not gone out to meet friends, no shopping either, haven't read any blogs either. I didn't even realize I had gotten into a 'I'm on a break'- phase. Having gotten the quality me time didn't really do any difference to the current mood; several thoughts spewed in my brain, but died there out of loneliness. I write this post only cause I had promised myself a few months ago that I would have at least 2 posts a month and won't let this space fade into oblivion. 

Mid way this I'm in the crappiest mood possible, but then again of late that's all I've been in...argh....I hate phoney people, I hate being sidelined and I most definitely hate my relatives!!! So whatever I had in mind has all gone for a toss, nothing original today at display junta, sorry if you came expecting any!!! 

Right so this year....I would curse it as well, but I'm afraid I used up all the curses quite recently so will just try and keep it succinct. There were highs: there was wonderful surprise party, some amazing weddings, the UK stay, acquainting some good blogger chummies (how do you spell this word? is it even a word?). There were pathetic lows biggest of them being me losing complete interest in my job. But nothing could be as ironic as this.... a lil pictorial help for you guys....go ahead stare away to glory and figure out what this is (if you hadn't already gotten in FWDs or on that stupid FB wall).....

Figured what this out...apparently it is this.....

hand la glass
glass la scotch
eyes-u full-aa tear-u
empty life-u
girl-u come-u
life reverse gear-u
lovvu lovvu
oh my lovvu
you showed me bouv-u
cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
i want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u

this song for soup boys-u
we dont have choice-u

I can't believe some of us homo-sapiens are this jobless and this masochistic!!! By now you would have gotten the drift...I have issues with this song...big time issues...I hated it the first time I heard it, hated it every time after hate still burns fresh!!! Me not being on FB has been such a blessing in disguise, I can't thank my wise judgement enough for it. I didn't have to witness this horrible excuse of a song go viral all over!!! For a fortnight all I could hear was kolaveri jokes, not-so-imaginative lyrics being penned down to the tune of this song, ring tones blaring all over only increasing the kolaveri within me more and more....I can't believe that this thing with random English words strung together and a chai-walla ke dhukan ka "chotu" types actor mascaraing those words went on to be such a rage!!! Has our generation degenerated so much that we now no longer no the difference between music, noise and utter mindless trumpery designed to make the likes of Beethoven thank his stars that he is long dead. Is this what we are leaving behind as legacy for our spawns? No wonder 2012 was hailed as the year of doom!!! All right, I'm being a little harsh and a hypocrite here. So I danced bare feet to this song, at a Rastogi wedding at 1 in the morning in the biting cold of Delhi but then I also danced so some arbid haryanvi mumbo-jumbo which sounded was about dancing and I go berserk when I'm committing that act ;).... I guess writing so much about this horrific disaster which to date nobody has had the gall to call as art itself is a tribute to it but all of you 'pooded' beats to this song, please be aware that you have all added to your pots of sin in making this trash so called popular and bring on doom to the entire human kind.

After a fortnight of raging all over the net, radio, TV, offices, shaadis, mundans, suhag-raats et

Guess what the winning pick was: "WHY THIS 'COLA' VERI DI"...yes monkey...I know, I know you are probably proclaiming to all your monkey-kind that your distant relatives, the homos, have successfully managed to lower the bar so much because of these shenanigans, that now you guys can officially put in a claim for being the smarter species and win!!! Irony I said then right, "kolaveri" I was told means "murderous rage" and all of you loyal readers know that, that is exactly what I have been filled with for the past few months. If any of the makers of this song wanna know the answer of the question "Why this Kolaveri Di" I would strongly suggest them to subscribe to my blog and all the answers will unfold. In the meantime I have my own not so ingenious lyrics for this song which if I feel very very sadistic one day will publish wokays. 

And what is with all this flashing huh? I know we Indians are super good at mimicking, but when we don't know the basics why call is flash it flash PT or flash drill cause it sure looks like it. Did any of see the sham in Auckland? Disgrace takes a whole new meaning. While we are on this, have a look at this video, the little girl could teach some of us the basics of flashing a flash mob!!!

Right so I think I'm done blabbering, so I'll just clam up now. Oh wait I have one question to ask, when people say 'he/she had his/her fifteen mins of fame' ever wondered why is it only fifteen minutes of fame? I still see Veena Maliik, Pippa Middelton, the Kardashins getting more than that everyday yet the media calls it only fifteen minutes!!! Have a Merry Christmas people, I'm off for a Sunday brunch, DON2, yum Christmas cake and some wine tasting :D :D :D.


P.S. Is it just me or have things around Blogsville slowed down so much that boredom has gotten a new synonym? Nothing intresteting to read or copy from dammit!!! I've been occupying myself watching 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Gossip Girls'!!! Yeah I is thaaat boring right now and the B'day is up in a week...what is up with the unniverse!!!


sumitra said...

"chai-walla ke dhukan ka "chotu" types actor" - totally agree with you on that!

Viya ;) said...

wer did my comment gooo???

Chintan said...

:-):-):-) i am bored of blogs too
try Sakshi ;-) she is fun...
i didn't like kolaveri that much either....
a little...just a little...

merry Christmas

*commenting from phone

Anonymous said...

Errrrr Sakshi as in her blog :'(


Keirthana said...

He he :) Kolaveri is over-rated..I accept! And waiting for you months' memories :)

Chandana said...

Kolaveri was fun for a while.. But like many things in life, I am so bored of it now!
You know what this year DID fly by.. And I did nothing constructive. If I have to highlight events from every month of this year, i probably have something interesting to say upto june but after that life has been so monotonous. 2010 and 2011 seem the same to me. Both years blurred into one. No difference. I just wasted a whole year. Yay me.

Yes blogsville seems a little dull. Need to find some new and interesting blogs. Recommend if you know any!

Anish said...

they keep playing the damn song every where :P

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