Thursday, December 1, 2011

Of guest posts and all that jazz....

So it turns out that I'm now part of the Who's Who of  blogsville. 2K odd views and 20 odd followers doesn't really match up to that claim now does it! But I've pinched myself several times to believe it; it's apparently true.

Proof 1: MSM aka the mysteriously beautiful Pradeeta, whose stories will make you wonder if she actually is a non -muggle,  wrote this about me:

Coloring Life Purple All the WayChinese Astrological Signs, I always found intriguing. And then I saw The Dragon, I couldn't contain my glee. To shield your heart from the scars and yet live like you were never hurt, takes the intensity of a Dragon indeed. Thoughts that are honest and straightforward, are not easy to pen down and yet you do it. To live admiring, thinking and cherishing what I have, is what I learnt from you, Priyanka. And all you Purple Lovers out there, do not, I say DO NOT miss her, she will make you smile, MSM promises. I chose the color Indigo Purple for you as you remind of the Mental Strength and Intuitiveness that the color evolves with. A Dreamer, A Thinker and living in the moment, like the flow of Indigo.

What I loved about this, apart from the obvious mention of me on her blog (:D :D :D )
a) the post was titled "And I found peace in you". So profound, so beautiful. b) Whatever she wrote here, was bang on. It's like she looked right into my soul and we've hardly known each for 2 months now!!! c) The colour she chose for me, apart from the fact that she knew I'd force her to change the colour if I didn't get this one, the attributes she gave me, is so very truly me :D.

Proof 2:  V, the vivacious blogger girlie, always so bubbly, always so nice, the  one who can literally post 10 times a day wrote this for me.

* Priyanka Shetty from colouring life purple all the way, the one's so not afraid to speak her mind out and full on showers abuses on the 'blessed people' who deserve them! :P.. a total dragon! :D

She titled this post 'Thank you' which I found really really adorable. Was miffed with her for only singling out the rants, but then she made me realize that I didn't start blogging again only to end up washing dirty laundry in public!!!

Proof 3: The so called current Gaad of humor, Kallu, dictated that I guest post for him. Yes he literally held the gun to my head!!! I wrote this for him

"It’s a brilliantly written Fibonacci Sonnet" said he :)                      

HE came
HE came back
HE came back to me
HE came back to me like a mirage
HE came back to me like a mirage, transient and distant
HE came back to me like a mirage, transient and distant, wishing he had never left.

Wishing he had never left, transient and distant, like a mirage he came back to ME.
Transient and distant, like a mirage he came back to ME
Like a mirage he came back to ME
He came back to ME
Back to ME

and he had this to tell about me...snippets only....won't paste the whole love story...(wanna read more please go over to his blog, I'm sure all of you already have, saala has become way too famous...hmph... hmph)

Dragon: (Not skinny anymore, she’s hot!): Priyanka Shetty (I call her Pinku now) is one person you must know. She is bold, courageous, independent and great fun. She has two sets of voices. One is her day voice, the typical RJ one. It makes you want to request her to play a song for you. And second is her night voice; the sexy-cum-cute angelic voice with a subtle south accent.

Please tell show me one blogger who knows Kalpak and isn't insanely jealous of him? 3 months into blogging, his followers count has gone up, up and up like  the petrol prices and doesn't promise to dwindle anytime soon. I'm not going to feed his ego and it say was an honour to write on his pauper wall, but it was good exposure indeed (my followers count increased by 2 I think cause of that guest post!!!). Narcissist to the core he maybe, but he truly appreciates the time we spend together and I love that about him :D.

Proof 4: Chints, my the most favourite blogger, the one who slices right through  to the heart of the matter, the one whose blogs give me the right dose of updates on current affairs and the kind of insight into the crux of the matter that I cherish the most. We hadn't spoken much of-late and I was beginning to wonder if I had managed to tick her off; but the I happened to read this on her post

PS: Does anyone have link of Priyanka Shetty's blog? I have miserably failed to find her link in my feeds :( and google didn't help either.

Do read the post before you proceed; towards the end of the post I was almost like 'man kardiya na satyanas tune pinku' then came the post script. Now Priyanka Shetty is a fairly common name and I thought she could ask me the link directly, she knows I read her blog, so this can't be me. But a part of me, a pretty dominant one, was like I'm mentioned on THE Blunt Blog, she actually wants to read the inane stuff I come up with!!! Several of my buddies got to hear this bit immediately, my excitement was that palpable and every single soul that's really nice.

After all this publicity (some came from the cranky Rahul also) one would think it would have made a whole lot of difference to my space....Nada...I'm still the slow and steady fact my followers count reduced by one...I'm embarrased to say this but I know not who it is; with 20 odd you wouldn't think that remembering people would be a problem, but that's me!!! I didn't start writing to gain followers, I didn't start blogging to garner publicity, I didn't ever expect comments to pour out on my posts like they do on Red's (one post , be it on anything, minimum 46 comments at least and you will hear the gal complain she isn't getting enough lowe if it isn't pipty plus!!!). But who doesn't enjoy the limelight, who doesn't love the appreciation. I told Rahul to stay disappointed if he wants and he being the nice guy that he is said he misses me on his blog. Made me smile, my grinch smile, when I read that :D.

I've been talking to quite a few blogizens in the past few months (Machi, V, Maith, Chints, PV, Kallu, Prithvi, Chan, Maith, Rahul, Arjit) and never realized how much of a difference this has done to me, and in a good way :D. Pradeeta you over rate me as always and I do hope to live up to those expectations; V if I don't see a comment from you on my posts I actually get worried!!! Kallu thanks for being my not so secret admirer and Chints, even though nobody out there actually gave you the link (Red aunty me katti with you for that, how many Priyanka Shetty's you know eh mole?) it was such an ego boost just when I sorely needed it...dil garden garden ho gaya ji :D :D :D

Now I'm not the kind of person who will just pick up any trend (I'll wait for the whole worl to catch on, then when it's almost dying I'll breathe life into it :P),  be it skinny jeans or guest blogging (every other blogger is either doing guest posts or is putting up guest posts: collective loss of  creative juices!!!), but in this case I really want to make an exception. I'll succumb to this trend, much before it goes stale. I've asked V to write a guest post for me. She was my very first follower (true there is some 'I bleed chocolate' person before her, but this person has shown no signs of being alive apart from keeping the follower count from going negative) and is to date one of the first people to comment on my posts. And she always does. I love the editing she does on her pics and the crazy random things she does/talks/shares always make such fun  fun reads. Plus this is my way of bribing her to be my wedding planner ;).   
P.S. Me off to Delhi this weekend (paparaprara). Will be back on Toosday only, please pray that I take the appropriate clothes and don't freeze my ass off!!! 


vixie said...

aaaaaaaah...naaaaiccceeee :):):):)
i feels super nice when someone appreciates...
we are humans after all..we thrive on thankyous and well dones ^_^
myyy dearie...
i louuuuuuuuu youuuuuu toooooooooooo
booooo hooooo....
so why me no there in your read list..
*scratching head*
never mind...i still louuu you..^_^
aaaahaaaan...saaddi dilli...
oyee njoyyy oyee..!!
yeah..just try not to freeze and become barfi...oh no no..kulfi..
khi khi khi

cheers !!

Viya ;) said...

hehe.. :) :)
i'm so glad i found you on bloggersville!
haven't been reading other blogs lately.. :| too much buried in viva tension.. once the viva is done, i'll be back to posting million times a day :P :P
have fun in Delhiiii!! :D :D ( i'm so jealous of the shopping spree.. don't temme you're not goin on one! :P )
bwahaha.. don't distract me with the 'wedding' thing.. :P i really wanna keep 'off' weddings till the thesis is over.. :| oh mannn!! everyone around me getting married.. :|

Khushboo W said...

Dhinchak ekdum!
And, that fibonaaci sonnet was awesome man! I loved it! Though, I tried my hand at it, but hua nahi! :|
But, it was super! <3 <3

Red Handed said...

Have fun in Delhi Babes...and u know baby, I read that too in Chints blog, but I dint know ur name then, actually I forgot ur name. NOW i shall remember, for sure! I always refer to u as purple and me dont kno why thee is katty with me. Yes I am greedy actually for comments, but now I dnt think I am. I m new in here, just 8 mths so u know I am still in lookout for more commenters n stuff. Yes I shud grow up!! :D
I remember commenting on ur sonet on Kalpaks liked it a lot!

kalpak n. said...

ok wen i started readin about me in this post i felt nice. but as i went on readin, i was like 'okay this is a tab too much tareef for me' :)

but i know u love me. and u know i love u :)

btw i liked this idea of urs. shud have named it thanksgivin post. anyway thanksgiving jus went by. :)

thank u so much pinku. and trust me, u deserve all the love and appreciation people shower. :)

Keirthana said...

Nice post dear :) And succumb to the trend, no fault :P :D Everyone seems to be either doing guest posts or doing guest posts or thanking fellow stars. Gives the end of the year a whole new glow :) So, carry on and keep rocking :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Thanks for mention Machi, you just keep writing and the love and appreciation will keep on increasing.

Have ton loads of fun in Delhi. Pack some warm clothing without fail.

Anonymous said...

Alright :) You have a chilled time in Dilli and do visit Paranthe wali gali ;)

I haven't been there myself tho :D

Chandana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CookieCrumbsInc. said...

-_- 'bleed chocolate' is still alive, your goat of a blog wasn't opening in my browser for some time. (Browser's fault, before you yell:P)

And showed no signs of being alive?! SCREW YOU:P I mailed you remember?! Where is the reply to that?!

Liked the Fibbonacci sonnet, it was an awesome idea which I will flick once I write something decent enough:P

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

@Ads: You are on the readers list but not on the chatters list..thats why no mention :P...start chatting ASAP. I froze only the last day slightly but otherwise it was all fine :D

@V: I'm glad too. I did go on a shopping spree and I won't remind you now about the wedding but your still gonna be the designer/planner OK?

@Khushboo: Don't think so much jo man mein ata hai likh do, then cut and fit words, that's the trick.

@Red: OK you are forgiven, but now remember the name and spread the good word what are mole kuttis there for otherwise illay? And you don't grow up, stay the same, fish even more of compliments and keep writing those hilarious things.

@Kallu: I know I deserve the love, but I'm getting a lot of other unwanted attention too which I don't like. Tujhko yaha mention nahi karta to tu saala baki 20 followers ko bhi hadap leta isliye you are here, warna tumhari popularity bohat ho gayi OK. And thanksgiving how boring, cliched and so you!!!

@Keirthana: I don't like succumbing actually, but I do agree on the glowing bit.

@Machi: Touchwood Machi, touchwood.

@Chints: I couldn't go there, I went to CP and Delhi Hut and spent 20 odd mins in lajpat nagar, bas ho gaya Dilli :(

@PV: My goat of a blog!!! So says the girl whose blog takes decades to load...aha...I already replied to your mail so kolaveri to you and danks a lot for the likey on the sonnet :D...try try..

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